4 Tastes Unique to Adana: Adana Local Dishes

Adana local dishes, Adana is undoubtedly one of the first cities that comes to mind when it comes to the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine . The origin of Adana local cuisine, which is one of the special cuisines, dates back to ancient times. Influenced by Ottoman traditions, ancient civilizations, and modern techniques of our age, these wonderful and famous flavors , blended with a wide variety, delicious and eye-pleasing, have become the pride of both Turkey and our city of Adana. So much so that if you ask anyone abroad about the Turkish dishes they know, they will definitely have dishes from Adana’s local cuisine in thefirst place .

Adana’s local cuisine , which has wonderful tastes, has achieved this richness partly thanks to its lucky geographical location. Although it has a mountainous terrain, there are many plant and animal diversity with its plains, plateaus and the maritime climate of the Mediterranean. This diversity is of course reflected in its cuisine. Adana Local cuisine , which has hosted various civilizations and has been influenced by the surrounding cultures, has been formed with the blend of thousands of years. 

Bulgur is the most used product in Adana dishes . During the winter preparations, the wheat is boiled in huge cauldrons and laid on the roofs or suitable areas to dry. Dried wheat is crushed in special mills and becomes bulgur and is used in many kinds of dishes. Spices play a major role in Adana’s food culture, and they are preceded by paprika, sumac, black pepper, cumin and thyme. Tomato and pepper pastes and pomegranate syrups that they make with their own hands are other helpers that add flavor to the kitchen. Flavors such as parsley, hot pepper and mint take their place in almost every meal.

Adana kebab

Adana kebab is one of these famous dishes and it is a unique taste that has crossed borders and cheered people’s palate in many cultures. It has become one of our satisfying and memorable tastes both with the characteristics of the meat used and the variety of spices, cooking and presentation method. It is possible to reach the wonderful kebabs, which are integrated with the hand delicacies of experienced chefs and master chefs , from restaurants serving Adana regional cuisine in almost every city

Stuffed şırdan

Şırdan dolma is one of the key delicacies of the region. Although this unique flavor, which the local people are passionate about and which guests want to taste from outside, does not look very attractive at first glance, it is one of the dishes worth trying, which will be crowned with chili pepper and cumin that you will plant on it. Şırdan, which is one of the offal types, is filled with a special stuffing mortar after it is prepared and turns into a regular flavor. 

Meat Pan

It is impossible not to mention Adana-style meat pan . In this meaty cuisine of our country, when you bring eggplant and meat together, you get finger-feeding delicacies. Of course, a must-have is the flavor that its unique tomato paste adds to the dish. Adana-style meat, which is a hearty meal, goes great with a piece of rice pilaf and garlic tzatziki.

Adana style stuffed meatballs

Adana-style stuffed meatballs are one of our tastes that are almost non-existent. Although it is made with different methods in many regions of our country, each of them is one of the tastes that crack the palate. In Adana style, the shape of the meatballs is round, the filling is full of oil and tomato paste and there is no walnut in it. Cooking preference is boiled in boiling water with salt and lemon squeezed. Especially when Adana’s special tahini salad is served, you will have an unforgettable meal. 

In addition to great dishes, there are desserts that are famous in traditional Adana cuisine . Especially yellow burma dessert with walnuts, blackbird dessert, bici bici, cezerye dessert, Adana style ring dessert and stone kadayif are among the most well-known desserts. These desserts are usually made with dough and fried and cooked with syrup. It is possible to encounter this kind of sweets in Adana’s street tastes. You will definitely find several types of Adana dessert in restaurants that serve Adana-style dishes .

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