7 Different Dishes – Batman Cuisine

Batman cuisine, In our article on Batman dishes, there are 7 local dishes in total under the headings of Batman-specific soups, Batman’s famous dishes, Batman salads and appetizers, Batman desserts.

  1. Batman style stuffed meatballs: Although it is among the troublesome dishes, it is loved and consumed by the local people. Batman-style meatballs are made by boiling. The outer material of kibbeh consists of fine bulgur, semolina, salt and coriander. Its filling includes onion, minced meat, parsley, black pepper, allspice and optionally walnuts. 
  2. Curtain Pilaf: It is one of Batman’s famous dishes. The main ingredient of the pilaf is rice, chicken, spices, currants and almonds. The dough made out of the formed mortar is coated and cooked. It is possible to eat curtain rice in various restaurants and restaurants in the province.
  3. Stuffed Mumbar: Stuffed mumbar, one of Batman’s famous dishes, is made from intestines. A mortar made of bulgur is filled and cooked inside the cleaned intestine. It is possible to find Mumbar stuffing in various restaurants and bars in Batman. 
  4. Stuffed ribs: We start Batman local dishes with stuffed ribs, one of the most delicious dishes of Turkish traditional cuisine. It is an undeniable fact that the stuffed ribs are a wonderful flavor no matter which region it is made. It is a taste that cracks the palate with its meat like Turkish delight, rice grains and the unique aroma added by the spice. Stuffed ribs made in the Batman style are no different from the cuisine of other cities. Although the preparation of stuffed ribs, which is not satisfying with its taste, is a little troublesome, it makes you forget all the trouble with its final ready-to-eat form, both with its smell and the wonderful flavor it leaves on the palate.
  5. Tandoori bread: It is a type of bread made frequently in Central Anatolia, Southeast and Eastern Anatolian cities. Tandoori breads, which you can enjoy with hot butter and tea, are also consumed with meals as they are satisfying. The tradition of tandoori bread is quite common in Turkey. Although it is not made in gardens in western cities, it can often be found in bakeries. Likewise, tandoori bread is produced in bakeries across Batman. However, the place of warm tandoori bread made in tandoori in a village house is of course different.
  6. Stuffed, for the winter: I guess there is no house that does not dry pepper and eggplant for the winter? Peppers dried by housewives in the sun-drenched rooftops, walls or balconies of the cities of Southeast and Eastern Anatolia, starting from the Mediterranean, are consumed with pleasure in the winter season. In Batman, peppers and aubergines are dried for winter and consumed for stuffed meals in winter. The stuffing prepared with rice, tomato paste, spices, minced meat and parsley kneaded in a bowl is filled with dried peppers and eggplants, cooked and consumed with pleasure. Stuffed stuffed foods, which are indispensable for large families in winter, turn into a unique satisfying menu with salad and ayran. You can find and eat this delicacy not only in homes but also in many restaurants and restaurants in the city center.
  7. Leben with Yoghurt: After the main dishes in Batman traditional cuisine, it’s time for the local soups. There are several delicious soups you can choose in Batman’s kitchen to make a scrumptious start to your meals. The first of these is leben soup with yoghurt. Leben soup with yogurt, which is one of the unique soup types of the Batman region, is one of the indispensable foods of the tables. Leben soup with yogurt is a kind of soup that anyone can easily make. It is an appetizing starter dish with minced meat, fine bulgur, onion, chili pepper, salt and a mixture of garlic yogurt and butter for the sauce.

All of the delicious dishes unique to the southeast are cooked in Batman and served to guests in a very decent environment. Meals consisting of meat and dairy products and pastries, which are the main food sources, are special. In addition to fatty meat dishes, stuffed meatballs, stuffed with fresh and dried sumac, stuffed bumbar and intestines, Şam pastries and very common raw meatballs, tandoori bread, curtain pilaf, lentils and highland soups cooked in tandoori made of local mud are the main dishes of Batman provincial cuisine. are among the dishes.

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