7 Traditional Dishes From Yalova

Yalova local dishes, the first thing that comes to mind when Yalova is mentioned in Turkey is undoubtedly; Yalova Soup, Yalova Kebab with Puff Pastry, Yalova Meatballs, Thermal Wrap, Leaf Pita, Thermal Dessert and Yalova sutlusu.

  1. Yalova soup is a nutritious soup consisting of cabbage leaves, green lentils and bulgur, warming the heart in cold winter days.
  2. Yalova kebab with puff pastry is a wonderful flavor that will satisfy both your eyes and your stomach, where meat meets cheddar between crispy puff pastry. Those who come to Yalova should never leave the city without trying this flavor, which is one of the most popular among Yalova dishes.
  3. Yalova meatballs, are made of unique ingredients, with a hole in the middle of the ground meat, and a delicious cream with cheddar and green salad goes into it. Although it resembles Hasanpaşa meatball, it is impossible not to admire this meatball.
  4. Leaf pita, when you hear its name, I seem to hear you say it should be a leaf-shaped pita, but it’s not like that. Rather than its shape, this pita is a wonderful flavor consisting of vine leaves. It is one of our recommendations for everyone who is open to different tastes to try.
  5. Thermal dessert, is formed by wrapping apple marmalade and roasted peanuts between the crepes. This dessert offers a visual feast with the cherry jam drizzled on it.
  6. Yalova Sutlusu, is a patented dessert. It is a delicacy that everyone who goes to Yalova should taste. This completely natural dessert consists of milk, flour, sugar, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and fruits. The recipe is kept secret. There are chocolate, tahini, mastic and plain. The chocolate one is also nice, but we recommend the plain one.
  7. Chicken Ravioli, One of the favorite dishes of Yalova people is  Chicken Ravioli . Ravioli, which they make in their own way, are made by putting ground chicken offal into the dough they roll out by hand. After frying onions, rice and offal and adding them to the dough, ravioli fried in the oven take their place on Yalova tables after pouring the broth  .

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