Adiyaman Cuisine Food Types

Although Adıyaman cuisine is similar to the surrounding provinces in terms of food varieties; It has a unique rich structure in terms of both the name of the dishes and the way they are prepared and taste. Meat, wheat products, legumes and vegetables form the basis of the meals. Onion, garlic, tomato paste, paprika, parsley, dried mint and other spices are used as flavoring in all dishes. In Adıyaman cuisine, which has the culinary characteristics of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, different salads are eaten alongside the meals. Adıyaman dishes have a unique taste. Taste is important.

  1. Adıyaman raw meatballs: Raw meatballs , one of the most popular and well-known flavors of Turkish cuisine Although it is made in different ways in other regions, it appears as a dish belonging to the Adıyaman region. The kneading and throwing of raw meatballs, which are indispensable for sira nights, is like a ritual. It is usually prepared in the form of thin long meatballs and served with lettuce. While raw meatballs are preferred with or without meat according to the region where they are made, Adıyaman raw meatballs are generally preferred without meat because raw meat can cause diseases. While raw meatballs, a bulgur-based meal, are kneaded, isot, tomato paste, onion, parsley and various spices are used and flavored. Since bulgur can swell while waiting, raw meatballs, which should be eaten while fresh, have become one of the most sought-after street delicacies today. Especially Adıyaman raw meatballs are definitely one of the flavors that everyone should taste.
  2. Adıyaman Besni Tava: One of the favorite dishes of Adıyaman cuisine, Besni Pan is a dish that combines plenty of vegetables and meat. This bakery dish, which is made in almost every corner in the Besni district of Adıyaman, attracts the attention of tourists going to the region. Although it may seem like an easy dish in terms of appearance, it takes a long time to chop the lamb, onion, eggplant, pepper and tomato into cubes. After all these ingredients are placed on the tray, lard is added to increase the flavor of the dish and cooked in the local oven to add flavor to the food. If you happen to be in Besni, you go to any town and say how many servings of Besni pan you want, the butcher prepares all the ingredients for you and sends them to the local bakery and your meal is prepared.
  3. Adıyaman Uzbek pilaf: Bukhara pilaf , which has entered our country from the  cuisine of Uzbekistan , is known as one of the pilaf varieties unique to the Adıyaman region. Bukhara pilaf, which is frequently consumed in Adıyaman, is frequently preferred by tourists in local restaurants. This flavor, which appeals to both the eyes and the palate with its different taste and rich appearance, is one of the most remarkable flavors of Adıyaman. This unique flavor, which emerges with the meeting of lamb meat with rice, is flavored with chickpeas, broth, onions and various spices and offers a feast of taste to those who eat it. For those who do not prefer lamb, this dish, which is also made with chicken, has different flavors. This flavor, which should not be missed by those who go to Adıyaman, creates a visual feast with its layered appearance.
  4. Adıyaman stuffed meatballs: One of the important dishes of Turkish cuisine, stuffed meatballs is made in different ways in many regions of our country. This is one of the important dishes of the Adıyaman region, which has a unique rich cuisine. This flavor, which must be tasted by the tourists going to Adıyaman, is prepared by kneading bulgur into dough and stuffing it.
  5. Adıyaman pimpirim salad: Served alongside meals in Adıyaman, pirpirim salad attracts attention with its distinctive flavor. This delicious salad, whose main ingredient is purslane, is called pirpirim in the city. Not only salad, but also cacık and food are made. Known as pirpirim salad or purslane salad, this flavor includes purslane, tomato, pepper, cucumber, pomegranate syrup, dried sumac, chili pepper, salt and olive oil. Both kinds of purslane can be added to the salad after fresh or dried.
  6. Adıyaman meatballs: There are meatballs unique to Adıyaman as well as everywhere else in our country. The main feature that distinguishes this meatball from the others is that it is made with eggplant. First of all, the eggplants are roasted, and then the eggplants are wrapped with ground meat prepared with lamb or more meat and given to the oven. Although making Adıyaman meatballs is a bit troublesome, it is among the flavors that must be tried in the city. There are many spices in the meatballs. It is served with a special sauce prepared on it.
  7. Meyir Soup: It is a delicious soup with flavors such as chickpeas, batter  , eggplant and onion, the main ingredient of which is yoghurt. It is known as a hearty and useful soup.
  8. Tene Halva It is one of the most famous desserts of Adıyaman. Starch is made using molasses and butter. Walnuts are sprinkled on top. It is a very popular dessert.

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