Gaziantep Cuisine

Ali Nazik kebab

Ali Nazik kebab is one of the foods that is made in many regions of our country, including the Central Anatolia region, but its source belongs to Gaziantep. From its spicy tomato paste sauce to the blending of roasted eggplants, it is an indispensable food for its lovers. It is usually served as an appetizer alongside main meals. However, the situation is a little different for those who love it, because you can finish a large piece of bread with a plate of Ali Nazik kebab.

In Gaziantep, when people want to serve Ali Nazik kebab as a main dish, they add it to the menu with rice, alongside their meat sauce. Thus, the appetizer, which has become the main dish, does not remain unfamiliar on the tables. It is recommended that you taste Ali Nazik kebab, which fits both roles very well, in its homeland, Gaziantep.

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