Ardahan dishes – Traditional Dishes Consumed

Ardahan dishes – What to eat in Ardahan and what is it famous for? Names and list of Ardahan cuisine dishes. As a food  culture in Ardahan  , more meat and animal products are preferred and delicious dishes are created. As in many other regions in our country, Ardahan region also has very delicious unique dishes.

  1. Meaty Ravioli : It is similar to the ravioli dish that everyone knows. The ravioli in Ardahan has a very different flavor with the spices put in it. You should definitely try it.
  2. Rice with goose meat : If you are good with meat dishes, you  will love Ardahan’s famous pilaf with goose meat . The meal, in which many ingredients from onions to rice are stuffed into the whole boiled goose, takes its place on the tables, especially on special occasions such as feasts and circumcision. We recommend you to try the dish, which will go well with a nice ayran, at Ardahan tables.
  3. Feselli : It is a difficult and tiring pastry to make. But the taste is just as good. It is constantly held during Ramadan, holidays and special days.
  4. Helle Aşı : Helle aşi , which is among the most delicious soups of the Ardahan region, is made with flour, green lentils and minced meat. This delicious soup, which is made with very few ingredients, is cooked with the roasting method and is indispensable for dinner.
  5. Evelik Soup : This dish, which comes out as a result of freshly collected and cleaned leaves in Ardahan and Erzincan, and roasted with onions together with boiled lentils, is usually ready to be served with tomato paste sauce and potatoes.
  6. Ayran Vaccine : It is one of the indispensable tastes of the tables, which is very popular in Turkey and is served especially cold in summer and hot in winter. Ayran vaccine soup is also an important dish in Ardahan cuisine. When cold yogurt is added to this special dish made with wheat, chickpeas and dill, it has a delicious taste. Since this dish is usually consumed cold, it is usually a soup that is drunk in the summer months. When it is made with homemade yogurt, you can make the soup much more delicious.
  7. Haşıl : Haşıl, which is among the local dishes of Ardahan, is a dish made in almost all regions of Anatolia. This dish, which is made with bulgur or wheat, is served by putting plenty of garlic yogurt in the middle of boiled findings and pouring melted butter. Haşıl, a very delicious and popular dish, is usually eaten in the middle on the table.
  8. Kelecoş : Kelecoş dish, which is loved and eaten in Elazığ and Ardahan, is also known as Keledoş or Keleçaşı in other regions. This special dish, which is made by putting roasted cubed meat on phyllo dough that is hand-rolled and fried in a pan, is served by pouring butter on it. This dish, which is usually served at dinner tables, can be eaten alone as it is a satisfying meal.
  9. Yarpuzlu Meatballs : One of Ardahan’s most popular juicy dishes, meatballs with yardpuze are among the most delicious dishes made with the combination of parsley grass and bulgur. This rich juicy dish, which is made by adding fine bulgur and small meatballs together with minced meat and chickpeas, is prepared with plenty of onions and plenty of tomato paste. You should definitely try the meatballs with watermelon, which you will encounter frequently at Ardahan tables.
  10. Ardahan Meatballs : Ardahan’s meatballs are also known as Adıyaman’s local meatballs. This dish, which is made by wrapping meatballs prepared with meatballs and ground beef mixture, on roasted and peeled eggplant, is cooked in the oven by adding peppers between the meatballs.
  11. Bişi : Bişi, which takes its place in our Ardahan local dishes list, is known in many regions as pastry, which is also known as bagel or in bulk. Pisi is a dish that is usually eaten with cheese or jam at breakfast. You can set a delicious breakfast table for your loved ones with this dish, which you can always prepare quickly because it is made very easily.
  12. Hıngel : Another dish that is among the most delicious pastry dishes of Ardahan is the large mantı Hıngel made with potatoes. This dish is made by putting ravioli, boiled and mashed potatoes, also known as Hengel in some regions, into hand-rolled triangular doughs. This ravioli is known for being boiled longer than normal ravioli. It is usually served with sauce and garlic yoghurt on top of the ravioli.

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