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Batma cream Gaziantep Regional Flavors

Batma cream, Gaziantep regional flavors, is one of the breakfast desserts unique to Gaziantep that you can’t hear very often in other places. There are some reasons why it is not available locally and elsewhere. The liquid creamy cream in the recipe is only made in some villages of Antep. The only way to experience a real soaking cream is to go to a breakfast place in Antep that offers local delicacies.

At first, you may not be able to imagine how delicious honey, liquid milk cream and, of course, pistachios can be combined. However, this flavor may force those who try it to make a package of one portion. Although Batma cream is a kind of breakfast dessert, you may not have heard of it in our country. The main reason for this is that milk cream with a liquid consistency can only be made in Gaziantep villages. One of the local flavors that must be tried in Gaziantep will definitely be batma cream.

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