Gaziantep Cuisine

Beyran soup

Gaziantep local soup Beyran soup, which ensures that you do not catch diseases such as cold, flu or flu, especially in winter months, is both delicious and protects the body against microbes that will come from outside.

Strengthens the immune system

In addition to the benefits of bone broth to the body, drinking beyran soup is known to strengthen the immune system.

Beyran soup is good for bone health

Beyran soup, which is known to be effective in preventing bone diseases that come with age, provides benefits for bone health. It plays a major role in preventing bone problems such as osteoporosis.

Beyran soup, indispensable of Gaziantep cuisine

This delicious local soup of Gaziantep, which has a 500-year-old tradition, is one of the flavors that should not be lost in terms of both health and taste. Beyran soup, which spreads from Gaziantep to all cities, is among the most consumed soups.

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