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Cartlak Kebab Local Meat Dishes of Gaziantep

Cartlak kebab is one of the local meat dishes of Gaziantep. People all over our country can make cartlak kebab even at home, as it is not only delicious but also easy to make. It should be said that it is also known as Çağırtlak kebab by some.

The main ingredients of this unforgettable flavor are lamb liver and liver oil. Both can be difficult to find in butchers in some cases. However, lamb liver for cartlak kebab is worth seeking out. You can try this type of kebab, which you can easily find in Gaziantep restaurants, from the hands of competent masters, without putting too much effort into the restaurant. The taste of the kebab, which is blended with salt, pepper and cumin, really stays on the palate.

We have mentioned that kebab culture is very rich in Gaziantep region. Cartlak kebab is also one of the most important foods, which is among the local meat dishes and is equipped with flavors unique to Gaziantep.

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