• turkish cuisine recipe

    Turkish Cuisine

    Turkish cuisine one of the most diverse in the world. Turkish cuisine has had a major influence on Middle Eastern cuisine, Balkan cuisine, and even Western European cuisine. Even within Turkish cuisine, there is a huge variety of regional differences, according to which part of the country one is in. Many regions such as the Mediterranean, the Black Sea area,…

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  • penne

    Penne Fra Diavolo Penne Recipe

    Penne Fra Diavolo – One of the best Italian pasta recipe! So you and your family are hungry, you are too tired to go to the store, and you are bored of eating the same meals and tasting the same tastes. Here is a quick and simple recipe to feed the family, or yourself, and wake up those tired taste…

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  • The Best Turkish Desserts

    The Best Turkish Desserts Asure And Baklava

    The best Turkish desserts, We think it would not be wrong to say that Turkish desserts are as famous as Turkish dishes. In fact, Turkish cuisine is so extensive and contains so many wonderful flavors that there are many desserts that can outshine even the most familiar dessert of Turks, Baklava. Turkish desserts are mainly dough-based that soaked in syrup…

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  • Turkish Meatballs Köfte

    Turkish Meatballs Köfte : A Living Legend from Turkey

    Turkish Meatballs (Köfte – Kofta) is one of the most famous Turkish dishes in all over the world. You may eat any kind of meatballs in every country but what makes Köfte different than others should be its exotic flavors. Its soft texture and spicy taste are never the same in any countries cuisines. What are the most popular types…

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  • Modern Turkish Food Culture

    Modern Turkish Food Culture

    Modern Turkish food culture. Soups of all types are of great importance to Turkish cuisine.  As can be expected from a food culture that is so diverse, there is a wide variety of delicious soups for every palate. Some of the most important soups that can often be offered in many Turkish kitchens is those which contain meat and. Chicken. …

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  • An Amazing Hidden Treasure of Variety

    An Amazing Hidden Treasure of Variety

    Today’s Turkish cuisine is an incredibly rich food culture that even includes well-developed kitchen architecture and design, specially-designed tools, cooking methods, table layouts, service procedures, and even seasonal menus.  This should be of no surprise at this point.  As we have seen, for almost 500 years Turkish dishes have evolved from the plains of Central Asia to the magnificent palaces…

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  • An Endless Variety of Dairy Products

    An Endless Variety of Dairy Products

    An endless variety of dairy products. While the variety of soups is amazing, the variety of cheeses in Turkish dishes is staggering. There are almost 200 distinctive cheeses in Turkey today. Trying to describe them is challenging, even for locals. We can cover the basics at least.  Most cheeses in Turkey are made from sheep’s milk, are not aged extensively,…

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  • More Delicious Turkish Foods to Love

    More Delicious Turkish Foods to Love

    More delicious Turkish foods to love. Soups are a mainstay in Turkish cuisine, and because of this, there is an infinite variety of soups available.  Soups accompany most meals, and there are even types of soups that are designated as winter and summer soups.  In wintertime, few meals coming out of a Turkish kitchen do not include soup. Almost all…

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  • The Westernization of Turkish Food Culture

    The Westernization of Turkish Food Culture

    The westernization of Turkish food culture. It was during the Republican period that many reforms and foreign influences were seen.  The custom of eating meals in different dishes became common, as did everyone eating as much as they needed, with equality.  Even today, in rural areas, people eat around trays, preserving customs that go back centuries.  As globalization has brought…

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  • The Gastronomy of Modern Turkish Food Culture

    The Gastronomy of Modern Turkish Food Culture

    The gastronomy of modern Turkish food culture. One of the most striking aspects of modern Turkish dishes is how diverse they are.  The varieties of foods, herbs, spices, and dishes are staggering.  Turkish food culture is one of the most diverse in the world.  Turkish dishes vary among regions, because of the various climates and diverse geography.  Each of the…

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  • Turkish Kitchen Outside the Palace

    Turkish Kitchen Outside the Palace

    Turkish kitchen outside the palace, whereas palace kitchens were enormous and elaborate, public kitchens were mostly quite humble and simple.  There was much less of a variety of foods available to the common people.  The Turkish food culture of the palace, like the haremlik selamlık, where men and women sat at different tables, generally did not exist outside the palace. …

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  • Sultan and Harem Palace Cuisine

    Sultan and Harem Palace Cuisine

    Sultan and harem palace cuisine. Modern Turks are very adamant that people distinguish the past from the modern Republic. This is without question true,  but Turkish cuisine of today started anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand years ago.  Turkish dishes at the time consisted of meals of meat and poultry, prepared by a special chef, that was brought…

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  • Vegetarian foods from Turkey - Turkish vegetarian food culture

    More Than the Next New Thing in World Cuisine

    Turkish dishes are not just some interesting detour on the culinary world’s insatiable curiosity tour.  I’m here to tell you out of Turkish kitchens are coming to the diversity and exciting new flavors that the world is waiting for.  Consider for example where it came from, and how diverse the history of Turkish dishes is. It comes from Ottoman cuisine,…

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  • From Nomads to Exotic Gourmet

    From Nomads to Exotic Gourmet

    From nomads to exotic gourmet During the Seljuk period, there were two distinct characteristics that need to be considered.  On one hand, the Turkish people began to make the transition from nomadic peoples to a more established culture.  In spite of this, Turkish cuisine, and Turkish dishes were just starting out. Basically, they only ate twice a day, consisting of…

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  • Turkish Food Culture

    Turkish food culture, What little is known of Turkish dishes today is usually limited to pastries, bread, and kebabs.  Although these foods are prominent in the Turkish diet, they barely compromise the tip of a culinary iceberg.  In order to get a more complete understanding of modern dishes from Turkey, we need to start at the beginning. Central Asian Turks…

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