Turkish Cuisine Recipes

Turkish Cuisine Recipes – In this category you can find the best Ottoman and Turkish cuisine recipes that prepared with easiest instructions and easy-to-find ingredients. Rich Turkish cuisine is a diverse cuisine that has been influenced by many different cultures and civilizations due to the structure of the Ottoman period, and has gradually enriched by contributing from many countries. We are sure that you will find many recipes suitable for you among our recipe options that we have prepared for every taste. Afiyet olsun :) 

  • Red Peppers Jam Recipe

    Red Peppers Jam Recipe

    Red Peppers Jam recipe may sound a little strange to most people. But you never know without trying. We think this recipe could be one of your favorite jam recipes! Especially considering that the vegetable balances the dominant sweetness of jam;) A unique jam recipe made by red peppers instead of fruits:)

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  • Kısır Recipe

    Kısır Recipe – Only 2 Steps

    Kısır recipe is a very healthy meal option for those who lack of time to cook. Since it is possible to consume it without cooking, can be prepare everywhere even outside the kitchen. All you need is some simple ingredients and hot water;) Despite its simplicity, it’s too delicious and also very healthy! Bulgur is a very high-quality type of…

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  • Turkish Pide Recipe Pide with Minced Meat

    Turkish Pide Recipe Pide with Minced Meat

    Turkish pide recipe pide with minced meat recipe. Turkish pide is a very well-known traditional bread filled with various ingredients such as meat, cheese, and vegetables preferably. Pide and Lahmacun are also known as Turkish pizza that is way healthier than a pizza. It is not difficult that finding Turkish food all over the world. And pide is one of…

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  • Little Pastries with Dill and Cheese Recipe

    Little Pastries with Dill and Cheese Recipe

    Pastries with Dill and Cheese will value your teatime! This recipe is one of the most delicious and simple ones among the Turkish pastries that you can make in less than an hour easily. Melt in mouth pastries with delicious filling and a light texture.

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  • Turkish Flower Bread Recipe

    Turkish Flower Bread Recipe – 1 of the Softest Bread Recipe

    Turkish Flower Bread. One of the most popular bread types after the regular bread in Turkey. As all the people know who visited in Turkey, a meal can not be without bread. Especially for the breakfast. It has become a cultural habit in the country. Besides, since the bread is something sacred for Turkish people, wasting it is also a…

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  • homemade chicken doner recipe

    Homemade Chicken Doner Kebab Recipe

    Homemade chicken doner kebab recipe. Doner kebab maybe the most popular Turkish dish which is very common all over the world. Wherever you go, it’s very possible to see a Doner kebab restaurant while walking on the street. What makes doner (döner) kebab special is the way how they cook. It getting cooked vertically and on the slow rotisserie and…

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  • Trabzon Bread Recipe

    Trabzon Bread Recipe (Turkish Trabzon Bread)

    Trabzon bread recipe, Trabzon is a city in Turkey and very well known for its bread which is quite a bit sour and much more delicious than regular bread. Any breadmaking is generally simple but its harder to get the perfect consistency. Here in our recipe, you will find the proper way to prepare the perfect dough for delicious bread,…

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  • Bulgur Balls Recipe

    Bulgur Balls Recipe (Fellah Kofte) with Yogurt Sauce

    Bulgur balls recipe (Fellah Kofte) is a very good alternative for vegetarian and vegan (without yogurt) people in the Turkish Kitchen. Although it looks difficult to make, it is pretty easy and a good option if you lack of time but still desiring to prepare a nice dinner for your family, friends or only for yourself;) Once you try it,…

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  • Green Peppers Jam Recipe

    Green Peppers Jam Recipe

    Green peppers jam recipe Are you open to trying new things? Everyone can make a strawberry or orange jam but how about using veggies? Here is a jam recipe you can not find anywhere else! Give it a try and see how “sweet” can a veggie be! Click here to watch the recipe video. Home-made jam recipe high on vitamin-C.

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  • Turkish Ezogelin Soup

    Turkish Ezogelin Soup With Red Lentils and Bulgur Recipe

    Turkish ezogelin soup with red lentils and bulgur recipe In Turkish cuisine, especially at lunch time, soups have an important place. Mostly, the meals start with a thin soup. In some places in Turkey, people start their day with a bowl of soup instead of a traditional breakfast. Ezogelin soup is one of the most popular ones in Turkey. It’s…

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  • gozleme recipe with feta cheese

    Gozleme with Feta Cheese

    Gozleme with feta cheese, Melted Feta cheese inside a very thin and crunchy flatbread dough. Here is the Gozleme recipe for cheese lovers! A delicious and easy-to-prepare stuffed flatbread with simple ingredients.

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  • Gozleme Recipe with Spinach (Turkish Stuffed Flatbread)

    Gozleme recipe with spinach, Looking for new options for your weekend breakfasts? Turkish stuffed flatbread will replace your favorite pancakes once you try them;) Turkish gozleme recipe Turkish flatbread recipe gozleme with minced meat, gozleme with feta cheese, gozleme with potatoes, gozleme with spinach, gozleme with kashkaval cheese. Turkish style gozleme recipe

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  • mercimek recipe

    Lentil Soup Recipe (Turkish Mercimek Soup Recipe)

    Lentil soup recipe (Mercimek soup recipe) is one of the most popular soup in Turkey. Try this creamy taste flavored with lots of spices and veggies. A very nutritious and high protein lentil soup that you can prepare easily with simple ingredients.

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  • Stuffed Zucchini Boats Recipe kabak sandal

    Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Chicken Recipe

    Stuffed zucchini boats with chicken recipe. Have you ever imagine the zucchini and the chicken together? Don’t just imagine it. Try this very unique and delicious recipe created by a Turkish master chef!! Have you ever imagine the zucchini and the chicken together? Dont just imagine. Try this very unique and delicious recipe created by a Turkish master chef!!

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  • Lentil Patties Recipe (mercimekli kofte) dishes from turkey

    Lentil Patties Recipe (Not Fried!)

    Lentil patties recipe ( not fried!) You love lentil patties, right? Those are too delicious but usually being fried and that makes them less healthy. Here is Turkish style lentil patties recipe which is not fried but also very delicious. This high-protein recipe will be your #1 side dish or a healthy snack which you can easily prepare. It’s also…

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