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Dishes from Agri Turkey, there are many types of dishes unique to the Ağrı region. People who will visit the province of Ağrı may want to learn about the famous Ağrı dishes beforehand. Ağrı Foods – What to eat in Ağrı and what is it famous for? What are the names and list of the dishes of Ağrı cuisine? We have compiled more detailed information about Ağrı dishes.

Abdigör meatballs: We start our list of Ağrı local dishes with Abdigör Meatballs, the most famous taste of Ağrı. Every region has its own meatballs, but Ağrı doesn’t? Especially common in Doğubayazıt district, meatballs are very different with their consistency, taste and the way they are made. The specialty of the meatballs is that it is not made with ground meat like the classic meatballs, but with meat that is pounded with a mallet.

Lean, boneless, raw beef is beaten with the help of a mallet until thoroughly mashed. After resting for a while, eggs, onions and spices are added and kneaded well. Meatballs prepared with the best part of the meat are served on the rice. Onion, tomato paste and yogurt added to it add flavor to its taste. You can try Abdigör Meatballs, one of the most important local dishes of Ağrı, in many restaurants in Ağrı.

Haşıl: Haşıl, which is made in various regions of Anatolia, is one of the different local flavors of Ağrı. It is preferred a lot in Ağrı because it is easy to prepare, satisfying, and tastes delicious. Although its preparation and ingredients vary from region to region, its main ingredients are wheat or bulgur. Ağrı style Haşıl is made from wheat.

Wheat is pounded and cooked until it becomes a slurry. The middle is opened like a pool and butter is filled into the pool. It is ready to be served by pouring yoghurt with garlic around it. An important feature of the meal is that it is eaten on the same tray without being placed on the plates so that the butter does not scatter. The meal, prepared with the unique combination of butter, wheat and garlic yoghurt, is the crown jewel of Ağrı tables. If you go to Ağrı as a guest, you will definitely encounter this dish.

Hengel: Considered the most popular dough dish of Ağrı, hengel is similar to ravioli. It is prepared by thinning the dough and cutting it into squares. After these small pieces are boiled, yogurt or Hengel sauce is poured on them. This is the local sauce of Ağrı. The taste of the food is revealed when it is hot. It is recommended to be consumed before cooling. 

Murtuğa: Murtuğ made in Ağrı region is different from the ones made in other regions. There is no egg in the local murtuga made in Ağrı. In the food category, murtug resembles halva in appearance. Murtuğa, which is very easy to make, is also preferred with its flavor.

False meatballs: Although it does not contain minced meat, it is among the most popular flavors with the sauces poured on the local dish known as meatballs. false meatballs; It is a meatball prepared with wheat, flour and bulgur. The local flavor served by pouring yoghurt with garlic is very popular.

Ayran vaccine: Ayran vaccine, known as the local soup of Ağrı province, is a soup prepared using wheat and ayran. The flavor of the soup, in which boiled chickpeas are added, is loved by the people who try it. Moreover, ayran vaccine soup, which is consumed both cold and hot, can be consumed in all seasons.

Hasude: It is among the most popular local desserts of Ağrı cuisine. Hasude dessert, which is practical to prepare, is known especially as a dessert served to guests who come suddenly. It is a type of dessert that is very preferred for its taste and practicality.

Halise: It is a local dish made using rabbit meat. Another main ingredient in it is wheat, which is frequently used in the Ağrı region. This local flavor is generally likened to the dish of keskek. However, its difference from the original keskek is the use of rabbit meat in it. 

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