Duzce Local Dishes

Düzce local dishes, Düzce cuisine are waiting for you with delicious tastes. In the city, which is famous for its trout facilities and corn beet production, you can be sure that you will meet with anchovy dishes and delicacies from Circassian cuisine. In the list of local dishes of Düzce, there are delicacies in the city that you should not return without trying.

12 Different Tastes From Duzce – Duzce Local Dishes

  1. Circassian chicken, as the name suggests, is a Circassian dish. It is a dish that is very popular in Düzce and is constantly cooked. Walnuts, bread and chicken trio are the main ingredients. We recommend that you go to Düzce and not return without eating Circassian chicken.
  1. Smoked fish is the most famous dish of Düzce. Fish are caught from Melen tea and made by keeping them in salt water 1 day beforehand. After that, there is a grueling construction process. The harder it is to make, the better the taste. Smoked fish is one of the most consumed flavors in Düzce. This type of fish, which takes its place on the tables at dinner, has a different aroma and smell because it is smoked beforehand. There are a lot of regulars. It is usually consumed as an appetizer rather than a main course. It is also very useful and delicious.
  1. Flat bread bazlama; It is a famous flavor not only in Düzce but also in many cities. Flatbread is generally preferred instead of bread. An indispensable taste of special days in Düzce villages, bazlama. This delicious pastry fried in stone-made hair consists of bread-thick dough that has been rolled out by hand and fried on a buttered sheet. Optionally, potato, herb and minced meat mortar can be added to the flatbread.
  1. Mamursa, Like its name, Mamursa is also very interesting in appearance and taste. It can be added in hazelnuts and walnuts. When you go to the city of Düzce, you can reach this flavor in many parts of the city. The meal, which is prepared entirely from corn flour, water and eggs, is optionally served with cheese varieties or by pouring ground meat. The taste is finger-biting.
  1. Anchovy pie, is one of the most famous dishes not only in Düzce but also in the Black Sea Region. Doughs made in the form of amulets are fried over high heat, resulting in a wonderful flavor. It is one of the flavors that you should not return from Düzce without trying it. Anchovy börek is a type of börek that is famous in the region. It maintains its place among the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine. The main ingredients of this pastry are flour and anchovies. Making the pastry dough fresh is a trick that increases the flavor.
  1. Anchovy pilaf, anchovy pilaf cooked with care in almost all of the Black Sea cities, is a very important local flavor for Düzce as well. Especially during anchovy season, there is no house in the city that does not cook anchovy pilaf. We recommend you to taste the fresh sea lambs stuffed around the delicious stuffed rice.
  1. Steamed, you can be sure that you can see many kinds of fish on the tables in the Western Black Sea city. However, the cooking method that people often use is steaming. By adding vegetables such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, onions and lemons, the fish that is put into the oven becomes a flavor bomb. For steaming, simply order the seasonal fish you are in.
  1. Mamalika, an appetizer of Tatar dishes, is an appetizer identified with the Düzce region. The secret of this taste made with corn flour is directly proportional to the quality of the materials used. Cheddar cheese is used in mamalika, which is a hot appetizer type.
  1. Bosnian Pastry, is a hot starter that requires effort in terms of preparation. It is made with cheese, potatoes, minced meat and spinach. The inner mortar is shaped according to your taste. It has a brittle structure.
  1. Vegetable Kaygana, Vegetable Kaygana, which is cooked meticulously in many regions, attracts a lot of attention in Düzce. After preparing the pancake batter, green onions, dill and parsley are added to the dish, which we can describe as vegetable pancakes. After being cooked in a pre-heated pan for a while, it is quite delicious.
  1. Tembel karı makarnası,(Lazy Pasta) spoon pasta The name of this flavor, which we can describe as funny and a little slang, is lazy snow pasta. The pasta dough prepared with flour is thrown into the pan piece by piece with the help of a spoon and boiled, and after it is thoroughly cooked, it is served with curd, hazelnuts or walnuts. This recipe, which takes its name from its simple preparation, has already entered the list of local dishes of Düzce.
  1. Akçakoca Melenguccegi Dessert (Melengüçceği Tatlısı) The first answer to those who ask what Düzce is famous for is of course (Melengücceği dessert). The dessert, which is frequently prepared especially in Düzce villages, is one of the delicacies that took place in the Ottoman Palace Cuisine. The local flavor includes buffalo cream, milk, eggs, hazelnut oil, wheat flour, darts and plenty of walnuts, hazelnuts and honey.

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