Gaziantep Cuisine

Eggplant Kebab Belongs to Gaziantep Province

Eggplant kebab belongs to Gaziantep province. Meat has a special place in Gaziantep cuisine. Not only meat, but also what meat is important while cooking. In some dishes, lamb is preferred, while in some dishes, especially veal is preferred. Eggplant kebab is one of the local delicacies originally from Gaziantep. Eggplant kebab, which is made all over our country, started to be made with different methods as the region changed. However, the homeland of eggplant kebab is known as Gaziantep.

After eating eggplant kebab in Gaziantep, we are sure that you will agree with everyone that it is a very different flavor than what you eat in other places. Eggplant kebab made with brisket of lamb and fresh aubergines can be said to be exactly Antep style when cooked in a barbecue fire.

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