Famous Tastes of Turkish Cuisine: Traditional Edirne Cuisine

It is possible to see a wide variety of dishes with plenty of ingredients in the traditional Edirne cuisine . Since it is our border province that connects Turkey to Europe, it has been influenced by quite different cultures and its cuisine has been shaped by these influences. The traditional Edirne cuisine , which includes dishes that also contributed to the Ottoman cuisine due to being the capital city in the Ottoman period , contains many dishes that have entered the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine .

Thanks to the fertility of the Thrace lands and the wide agricultural lands of Edirne, the contribution of a wide variety of agricultural products to delicious meals is undeniable. In particular, wheat, sugar beet, corn, sunflower, rice, melon and watermelon are important sources of income in the region. There are also dishes made with hops native to the region.

Almond dishes from the Ottoman culinary culture are also a part of Edirne cuisine. The famous sheep cheese made in Edirne and spread all over the country, thanks to the fattening of animals such as sheep, hair goat and buffalo, their fresh meat also takes their place in the leading roles of traditional Edirne dishes . In addition, Elm hot pepper is a pepper with a great aroma for chili lovers.

Ottoman Dishes in Edirne Cuisine

It is possible to taste delicious Ottoman dishes at the famous restaurants in Matbah-ı Amire, which brought about the legendary Ottoman dishes, and in Karaağaç, which is adjacent to Greece. In the Ottoman period, there was no tomato and tomato paste and sauces, instead dried fruits, spices and rose water were used to add flavor and aroma to the dishes. Traditional Edirne dishes in Ottoman cuisine, which is the indicator of wealth and splendor ; Stuffed melon, almond soup, choker, honey halva, halva-i hakani, stuffed quince with molasses, zirva, mutancana, deva-i musk halva.

Edirne Dishes

The most important representative of the Thracian cuisine is the traditional Edirne cuisine . The main dishes that are beyond the limits of its name, rich in ingredients, appealing to the eyes and the stomach are;  Edirne style liver pan , elbasan pan, liver wrap, flowing (cizleme), walnut reading, zerde, eggplant mamzana, women’s leg meatballs, chicken stew with onions, zucchini basti, spinach muffins, oil ravioli, veterans halva, almond baklava, bulgur soup, Edirne Meatballs, Meatball Pastry, Groom’s Leg, Walnut Dessert, Marzipan, Pistachio Cookies, Kavala Cookies.

Pan liver: When Edirne is said, liver pan, and when liver pan is said, Edirne comes to mind first. It is cooked in pan-like pans unique to the region and takes its name from this cooking style. In Edirne style liver pan , dairy calf liver is used. The part that requires dexterity is the removal of the thin membrane on the liver without damaging the liver. Then, thinly sliced ​​livers are dipped in light flour and fried in plenty of oil and cooked. The important point in the frying phase is to cook the liver in a few rounds, turning it continuously, and to put a small amount of liver in the pan. During the service, fried dried peppers are placed next to it and it takes its place in the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine . Edirne style liver panOnion salad with sumac, white beans, sheep yoghurt and tomato sauce with vinegar, unique to Edirne, are served.

Akitma (cizlama): Although these practical and delicious snacks from Rumelian people resemble crepes, they are never crepes. Sourdough is the leading part of the dish, which is called ” Cızlama” in the region . Milk, egg, salt and flour are mixed, sour yeast is added and left to ferment. When the dough swells and has eyes, it is poured with a ladle on the local earthen sheet and cooked from front to back. Afterwards, it is lubricated with butter and enlivens our table as a delicacy from the traditional dishes of Edirne cuisine . Especially at breakfast meals, it is eaten with honey, jam or wrapped with cheese.

Kavala cookies (almond cookies ): Turkish cuisine is famous delicacies during Ottoman cuisine of pastries from entering one of the most known kavala cookie . It gets its flavor from butter obtained from buffalo and cow’s milk and almonds, which are used extensively. It originated from the Greek city of Kavala, our border neighbor , became famous in Ottoman cuisine , spread from Edirne and has survived to the present day. Cookies, which are usually cut in the shape of a moon, are served by sprinkling with powdered sugar.

Stuffed Melon : It is one of the indispensable dishes of the glorious periods of Ottoman Cuisine , although it is a dish that we do not see very often, except in restaurants that serve Ottoman food. It was made for the first time during the circumcision wedding of his sons, Prince Shah Cihangir and Prince Beyazıt, during the Kanuni period and became the favorite of the palace cuisine . As an indicator of the development of taste in the Ottoman Empire, we see that sweet and salty can be used together and delicious meals can be produced.

The preparation stage of this Ottoman palace dish, which is included in the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine ; The fragrant melon is cut in half and emptied. Veal and lamb meats are pulled with armor and brought to the consistency of minced meat, and the stuffing stuffing is prepared by adding rice, onions, almonds, pistachios, currants, dill and parsley. After the filling mortar is filled into the bowl made of melon, it is given to the oven. After the cooked melon stuffing is taken to the serving plate, small sliced ​​melon pieces are placed around it, and finally, the sauce made with melon seeds is poured over it and it is ready to be served.

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