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Firik Pilaf Different Tastes from Gaziantep

Firik pilaf Gaziantep, Gaziantep region-specific firik pilaf is recommended for those who want to experience different types of pilaf rather than classical rice or bulgur pilaf. Firik pilaf, in which bulgur is smoked and turns into a special flavor, is a type of food that can be easily made at home. People who come to Gaziantep and pass by any restaurant will not be able to say no when they see Firik pilaf.

Firik pilaf is one of the dishes that is not known much in Gaziantep but is frequently consumed among the local flavors. The main reason why you don’t get the taste of a normal bulgur pilaf in this recipe, where the raw bulgur is added to the meal as smoked over the fire, is the smoking process.

If you like to experience local flavors and are open to different tastes, it is recommended to try Firik pilaf. You can try Firik pilaf in many parts of our country, but none of them will taste like the ones you try in Gaziantep. The most important factor that makes this flavor unique is the smoking process.

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