Gaziantep Cuisine

Gaziantep Chickpea Wrap

Chickpea wrap, Gaziantep province is one of the cities developed in food culture in Turkey. Chickpea wrap is one of the dishes that is made in almost every region, but whose homeland is Gaziantep. Considering that every culture has its own taste, we can say that chickpea wrap is quite different in Gaziantep. You can find chickpea wrap, which is a food frequently consumed by those who adopt the vegan food culture, in the category of meat dishes in Gaziantep.

While chickpea wrap is made in Gaziantep style, chickpeas cooked in bone broth are wrapped in wrap and consumed. Most of the time, it is consumed for breakfast with the meat that is added piece by piece into the wrap after the meat of the bones is stripped. It’s a flavor you won’t find very often in restaurants. However, in many of the small businesses that sell wraps, you can eat chickpea wrap with meat. It is consumed as a snack during the day or for breakfast in the morning.

Chickpea wrap, which people who feel hungry while walking around Gaziantep will order as an aperitif in any restaurant or dürüm restaurant, will suppress the hunger of the people. We recommend you to eat chickpea wrap, which is decorated with Gaziantep’s special tastes.

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