Gaziantep Cuisine

  • Sini meatballs Gaziantep Style Meatballs

    Sini meatballs Gaziantep Style Meatballs

    Sini meatballs is one of the snacks made with pistachio and minced meat, again in Gaziantep style. Made with onions, walnuts, meat, bulgur and spices, sini meatballs differ from other meatballs in some aspects. The walnuts and pistachios in it make the meatballs have a very different taste. However, the use of red pepper powder adds a slight bitterness, while…

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  • kabaklama dish

    Kabaklama Famous Local Dishes of Gaziantep

    Kabaklama dish, belongs to Gaziantep region and Gaziantep cuisine is like the capital city of gastronomy in Turkey.. It contains many different elements, from meat to vegetables, from legumes to uniquely scented spices. This dish, which has been in our lives since the Seljuk Turks, is frequently made in various regions of our country during the winter months. Although it…

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  • muceddere pilaf from gaziantep

    Muceddere Pilaf

    Muceddere pilaf from the Gaziantep region is one of the most special dishes that reflects how important the geography of Turkey is in terms of gastronomic culture. The origin of muceddere pilaf is Arabian and Iranian culture. Since we have lived together with this culture for years, we have entered into various cultural exchanges with each other. Muceddere is a…

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  • Onion kebab - Gaziantep Famous Dishes - Kebab with Onion

    Onion kebab

    Onion kebab, there are kebabs and dishes that we have not heard of before in a few cities in Turkey. Gaziantep, where a different flavor such as onion kebab is made, is one of the Gastronomy cities of Turkey. Onion kebab is the healthiest meal to eat, especially in the winter months when we need vitamins and natural antibiotics. In…

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  • Green Beans With Yogurt

    Green Beans With Yogurt

    Green beans with yogurt, green beans with yogurt, which belongs to Gaziantep region, is a special flavor created by combining various food products. Those who visit Gaziantep should definitely taste the green beans with yoghurt, which is prepared in Gaziantep kitchens and served to the guests. It is the butter and yoghurt that gives its real taste to the beans…

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  • Turkish Style Liver Stew

    Turkish Style Liver Stew

    Turkishs style liver stew, which is one of the local dishes of Gaziantep, and liver stew, which is highly preferred by housewives, belongs to the Gaziantep region as its origin. Liver stew, which is one of the main dishes of the Gaziantep region, has a consistency that can impress people even with its smell. Everyone who comes to Gaziantep should…

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  • Small Meatballs With Yoghurt

    Small Meatballs With Yoghurt

    Small meatballs with yoghurt have an important place among the yoghurt dishes made unique to Gaziantep. Along with giving the yoghurt taste, the bulgur meatballs, beef cubes and chickpeas used in it also add richness to the taste of the dish. We can see the small meatballs with yoghurt, which takes a lot of effort to make and prepare, being…

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  • Loquat Kebab Gaziantep

    Loquat Kebab Gaziantep

    Loquat kebab Gaziantep, Where fruit turns into food, loquat kebab leaves people with delicious tastes. The kebab dish, which is created by frying minced meat and adding various spices to it, and putting it into loquat fruits, is highly preferred in Gaziantep region. The loquat kebab, which is cooked in all seasons and leaves special flavors in each cooking, can…

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  • haveydi meatballs

    Haveydi Meatballs Turkish Meatballs

    Haveydi meatballs is one of the meatballs similar to raw meatballs made in Antep style. There are different versions with and without meat. To experience this taste, you can visit Gaziantep houses for tea or you can buy it from markets selling local delicacies. Consumed with tea and ayran and often served with hot peppers, haveydi meatballs have an addictive…

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  • Mushroom Keme Kebab from Gaziantep

    Mushroom Keme Kebab from Gaziantep

    Keme kebab is a kind of kebab recipe in which keme mushrooms are prepared together with meat. To consume keme kebab, you must come to Antep around March and April. The reason for this is due to the fact that keme mushrooms can be collected and consumed in these months. It is an indisputable fact that the best kebab masters…

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  • Gaziantep Style Raw Meatballs

    Gaziantep Style Raw Meatballs

    Gaziantep style raw meatballs (Gaziantep yağlı köfte) can be described as a brother of the raw meatballs we know, which are made in Antep style. Making raw meatballs, one of the wonderful flavors consumed with tea in Antep villages, is not as difficult as it seems. You will see that if you make the oily meatballs with pure olive oil,…

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  • Cartlak Kebab Local Meat Dishes of Gaziantep

    Cartlak Kebab Local Meat Dishes of Gaziantep

    Cartlak kebab is one of the local meat dishes of Gaziantep. People all over our country can make cartlak kebab even at home, as it is not only delicious but also easy to make. It should be said that it is also known as Çağırtlak kebab by some. The main ingredients of this unforgettable flavor are lamb liver and liver…

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  • Tzatziki Arabic Meatballs

    Tzatziki Arabic Meatballs

    Tzatziki Arabic Meatballs is another Gaziantep specialty food. This recipe can be made with both spinach and chard. While making the meatballs of the recipe, meat is definitely added in Gaziantep. However, while the recipe was adopted in different regions of our country, the meat in the meatballs would not have been liked so much that meatless recipes were made.…

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  • Gaziantep Stuffed Meatballs

    Gaziantep Stuffed Meatballs

    Gaziantep Stuffed Meatballs is one of the delicacies that has made its name known throughout our country and is made in almost every region. Of course, there are differences in the taste of meatballs from region to region. Gaziantep is one of the best places to eat a real kibbeh. Stuffed meatballs, which can be made in all seasons of…

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  • Simit Kebab - Different Types of Turkish Kebab

    Simit Kebab – Different Types of Turkish Kebab

    Gaziantep simit kebab, We said that you can find all kinds of kebab in Gaziantep. Simit kebab is one of them. You can see simit kebab, which is equipped with garlic and prepared on special skewers and served warmly, in Gaziantep region. The simit kebab, which should be preferred by those who go to Gaziantep, will also leave a special…

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  • Gaziantep Chickpea Wrap

    Gaziantep Chickpea Wrap

    Chickpea wrap, Gaziantep province is one of the cities developed in food culture in Turkey. Chickpea wrap is one of the dishes that is made in almost every region, but whose homeland is Gaziantep. Considering that every culture has its own taste, we can say that chickpea wrap is quite different in Gaziantep. You can find chickpea wrap, which is…

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  • Firik Pilaf Different Tastes from Gaziantep

    Firik Pilaf Different Tastes from Gaziantep

    Firik pilaf Gaziantep, Gaziantep region-specific firik pilaf is recommended for those who want to experience different types of pilaf rather than classical rice or bulgur pilaf. Firik pilaf, in which bulgur is smoked and turns into a special flavor, is a type of food that can be easily made at home. People who come to Gaziantep and pass by any…

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  • Quince Kebab From Gaziantep

    Quince Kebab From Gaziantep

    Gaziantep quince kebab, Kebab culture is highly developed especially in Gaziantep and its region. Kebabs show a wide variety and are among the most preferred dishes of people. In the content of our article, we will talk about various kebab dishes unique to Gaziantep. Quince kebab is also among these kebab types and is among the most consumed foods. It…

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  • Eggplant Kebab Belongs to Gaziantep Province

    Eggplant Kebab Belongs to Gaziantep Province

    Eggplant kebab belongs to Gaziantep province. Meat has a special place in Gaziantep cuisine. Not only meat, but also what meat is important while cooking. In some dishes, lamb is preferred, while in some dishes, especially veal is preferred. Eggplant kebab is one of the local delicacies originally from Gaziantep. Eggplant kebab, which is made all over our country, started…

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  • batma cream gaziantep

    Batma cream Gaziantep Regional Flavors

    Batma cream, Gaziantep regional flavors, is one of the breakfast desserts unique to Gaziantep that you can’t hear very often in other places. There are some reasons why it is not available locally and elsewhere. The liquid creamy cream in the recipe is only made in some villages of Antep. The only way to experience a real soaking cream is…

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  • ali nazik kebab from gaziantep

    Ali Nazik kebab

    Ali Nazik kebab is one of the foods that is made in many regions of our country, including the Central Anatolia region, but its source belongs to Gaziantep. From its spicy tomato paste sauce to the blending of roasted eggplants, it is an indispensable food for its lovers. It is usually served as an appetizer alongside main meals. However, the…

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  • Sour Malhita Soup

    Sour Malhita Soup

    Sour malhita soup Kilis cuisine has a rich structure with its unique dishes. Meals are divided into two as “daily cooked meals” and “meals cooked on special occasions”. Meat and bulgur form the basis of the meals. In addition, vegetable-based dishes are prepared in accordance with the season. Kilis dishes reflect the characteristics of the rich Turkish cuisine as well…

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  • oz soup

    Oz Soup Gaziantep (Öz Soup)

    Gaziantep’s special soup, oz Soup (öz soup) is a soup unique to Gaziantep region. oz soup is one of the ancient and forgotten dishes, although it is a soup specific to Gaziantep region. Just like Yuvarlama, oz soup is also included in the list of dishes that represent Gaziantep cuisine. One of the flavors unique to Gaziantep, which is included…

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  • Beyran soup

    Beyran soup

    Gaziantep local soup Beyran soup, which ensures that you do not catch diseases such as cold, flu or flu, especially in winter months, is both delicious and protects the body against microbes that will come from outside. Strengthens the immune system In addition to the benefits of bone broth to the body, drinking beyran soup is known to strengthen the…

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  • maş soup

    Maş soup

    Maş soup is not just a type of food that belongs to Gaziantep region. Therefore, we cannot say that this soup belongs to Gaziantep. There are only changes that Gaziantep has added from its own culture due to its geographical location. In fact, mung is a type of bean. It is known as mung bean. Its homeland is India. It…

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