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Gaziantep Stuffed Meatballs

Gaziantep Stuffed Meatballs is one of the delicacies that has made its name known throughout our country and is made in almost every region. Of course, there are differences in the taste of meatballs from region to region. Gaziantep is one of the best places to eat a real kibbeh. Stuffed meatballs, which can be made in all seasons of the year and consumed continuously, can be named with different names in different regions.

Stuffed meatballs, which we sometimes hear with different names such as fasting or kibbe, are made with potatoes, fine bulgur, semolina and bread. We don’t see the need to add spices to the list.

You can see the spice breeze in almost every food you consume in Gaziantep. By the way, lamb mince is preferred when making meatballs. Local people do not make stuffed meatballs with minced meat other than minced lamb, as it is believed that the main ingredient of ground beef will make a big difference in the taste of the dish. If you happen to be in Gaziantep, it is recommended that you try the stuffed meatballs made with Gaziantep style.

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