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Gaziantep Style Raw Meatballs

Gaziantep style raw meatballs (Gaziantep yağlı köfte) can be described as a brother of the raw meatballs we know, which are made in Antep style. Making raw meatballs, one of the wonderful flavors consumed with tea in Antep villages, is not as difficult as it seems.

You will see that if you make the oily meatballs with pure olive oil, which has a process that is carried out just like making raw meatballs, it tastes much better. Local people also use the name bald meatball for this meatball. It should also be mentioned that it is one of the rare foods made without meat in Antep. If you don’t like meat, raw meatballs at tea time can be a great snack for you.

Raw meatballs are a very heavy food in terms of calories. Due to the many nutritional values ​​it contains, it can be eaten by people like food. You can order raw meatballs from restaurants selling local delicacies in Gaziantep and consume them with ayran or tea. If you like to try new flavors, you can try this meatless recipe.

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