Gaziantep Cuisine

Green Beans With Yogurt

Green beans with yogurt, green beans with yogurt, which belongs to Gaziantep region, is a special flavor created by combining various food products. Those who visit Gaziantep should definitely taste the green beans with yoghurt, which is prepared in Gaziantep kitchens and served to the guests. It is the butter and yoghurt that gives its real taste to the beans with yoghurt, in which you can taste many flavors from chickpeas to black pepper, from cubed meat to eggs.

Gaziantep yoghurt bean dish, which must be tasted by people who feel hungry in Gaziantep restaurants, gives energy to people and turns off their hunger. Beans with yoghurt, which is made very easily and practically at home, has become one of the indispensable dishes of people who come to Gaziantep.

The bean dish with yogurt, which should be tasted by local or foreign tourists who organize sightseeing tours in Gaziantep region, will also reduce the feeling of hunger of people due to the abundant amount of food it offers.

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