Hatay Cuisine Hatay Antakya Dishes 4 Different Tastes

Hatay cuisine Hatay Antakya local famous dishes. Our city of Hatay, which is a complete blend of cultures, has made a considerable contribution to the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine . Traditional Hatay cuisine has been both influenced and influenced by different culinary cultures . It has enriched its cultural richness because it has hosted many Armenian, Circassian and Turkish civilizations and is on the spice route and silk road lines.

Antakya cuisine , in addition to carrying the typical features of the Mediterranean cuisine, also includes quite different types of food. Local people who love to eat and enjoy eating are also hospitable. They have made it their duty to eat, drink and display their traditional tastes.

So much so that there are more than 650 types of dishes in traditional Hatay cuisine . Some recipes date back thousands or hundreds of years. In the Ottoman cuisine, there are more than 300 dishes from the Antakya region. Even from these figures , it is possible to understand how rich and rooted traditional Hatay cuisine is.

Ingredients Used in Hatay Cuisine

Legumes and grains are often used. Fruits and vegetables grown on fertile soils, local herbs are used both in their fresh and dried form. In addition to olive oil, butter and lard are frequently used, and even more than one type of oil is often used by mixing them in meals. Spices such as chumra (fennel), kuncu (sesame), zahter, basil, nutmeg, coriander and thyme frequently take place in Antakya cuisine, which uses a wide variety of spices to add flavor to its dishes with the influence of the spice route . Another valuable product is their own olives and olive oils. Traditional hatay cuisineLocal people use methods such as drying, brine and canning in order to use the products they grow in four seasons. In this way, they can make great meals using a wide variety of cooking methods without losing their flavor.

Hatay (Antakya) Dishes

We ca n’t finish counting the dishes and desserts in traditional Hatay cuisine, the taste of which will be remembered and addictive . However, to mention a few of the most well-known ones; tray kebab, pepperoni bread, fellah meatballs, Hatay style stuffed meatballs, firik pilaf, belen pan, sour vaccine, Hatay style paper kebab, additive bread, sheikh mualla (Şih mualla), kaytaz pastry, kepse pilaf, kebab, zahter salad, hummus , spinach borani, broad bean paste, Sürk, sembusak, İskenderun Döner, yellow nightingale, kumbursiye soup, Muhammara, Antakya Kömbesi, künefe, pumpkin dessert on lime and many more. In addition, dried eggplant, dried zucchini and stuffed peppers are among the favorites of Hatay dishes

Famous Dishes from Hatay Cuisine

  1. Hatay kitchen Vaccine : alone is hearty enough to be a main meal, the consistency of soup to start the meal, bulgur, tomato paste, pomegranate molasses, can not get enough minty taste and high nutritional value of traditional Hatay dinner dr exceeds sour
  2. Fellah Meatballs from Hatay cuisine: We mentioned that the most used ingredients in traditional Hatay cuisine are legumes. Another work of creativity of the local people is the fellah meatball . After the small meatballs made with fine bulgur meet with garlic yogurt and tomato paste sauce, that flavor that deserves to be among the famous flavors of Turkish cuisine emerges. It got its name from the Arabic word ‘fellah’, which means farmer. It is a very common dish due to its low cost and filling.
  3. Belen Tava from Hatay cuisine : Another great dish that has managed to enter the Ottoman cuisine, one of the traditional dishes of Antakya . The reason why the famous dish in Belen district of Hatay became known in a short time is of course the fact that the Spice Road passes through the district. This wonderful dish, which comes out as a result of mixing cubed meat cut into small pieces with onions, garlic, tomatoes and peppers and cooking in clay trays in a stone oven , takes its place among the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine .
  4. Kaytaz Borek from Hatay cuisine : It is a delicious pastry that does not resemble the pastries you know even with its appearance, and resembles tiny lahmacuns. Pomegranate syrup, onion and pepper paste are added to the stuffing of Kaytaz pastry with minced meat, and the yeast dough is rolled out into meringue and then put in the middle of this mortar. It is baked in the oven with the top open.

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