Gaziantep Cuisine

Haveydi Meatballs Turkish Meatballs

Haveydi meatballs is one of the meatballs similar to raw meatballs made in Antep style. There are different versions with and without meat. To experience this taste, you can visit Gaziantep houses for tea or you can buy it from markets selling local delicacies.

Consumed with tea and ayran and often served with hot peppers, haveydi meatballs have an addictive flavor. Since the meatballs, which are created with ingredients such as spices, bulgur, onion and butter, have many tricks, not everyone can make it successfully. It is possible to experience haveydi meatballs, which are made by masters who are experts in their field, with all their tricks, in Gaziantep cuisine.

It is also possible to have afternoon tea with the haveydi meatballs, which are also considered as hot starters and consumed with great pleasure. While visiting the historical places of Gaziantep, you can spend your time in a much more productive and fun way with the haveydi meatballs you make at home or buy from restaurants and the thermos tea next to it.

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