Gaziantep Cuisine

Kabaklama Famous Local Dishes of Gaziantep

Kabaklama dish, belongs to Gaziantep region and Gaziantep cuisine is like the capital city of gastronomy in Turkey.. It contains many different elements, from meat to vegetables, from legumes to uniquely scented spices. This dish, which has been in our lives since the Seljuk Turks, is frequently made in various regions of our country during the winter months.

Although it is unique to Gaziantep cuisine, kabaklama dish, which is a dish made and consumed in many regions of our country, adorns our tables especially in the cold winter months and has a positive effect on our health by strengthening our immune system with various materials it contains.

Kabaklama is a very popular dish in Gaziantep. It is a very delicious dish that should be tasted by local and foreign people visiting the city.

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