Karabuk Cuisine

Karabuk cuisine Karabuk local dishes, more than 100 types of dishes clearly reveal the richness of the local cuisine. Some dishes with typical characteristics of Black Sea cuisine are among the main dishes of Karabuk cuisine.

Karabuk Cuisine Popular Dishes

  1. Peruhi dish, is a pastry delicacy that takes the first place in the list of Karabuk local dishes. Unlike ravioli, which is likened to ravioli, this local dish is made with a mixture prepared with strained yogurt and mint. Another name is perohi. A challenging flavor, one of the favorite dishes of the local people, is a flavor you can find and experience in Peruhi Karabuk restaurants and restaurants.
  2. Safranbolu bukmesi, should definitely not return without trying Safranbolu bukmesi , an excellent local pita with vegetables, meat and pastries, Bükme. It is prepared by adding vegetables such as minced meat, onions and spinach into the dough prepared with special workmanship. After cooking in this way, butter is added on it to increase the flavor even more.
  3. Cullu pastry , Another pastry dish with an exquisite taste, is Çullu pastry . Çullu pastry is a local dish, which is made very often in the region, especially at weddings, and is prepared with cheese, minced meat and potatoes. The trick of this pastry, of course, is that the butter, which takes its place in every meal that Black Sea can’t give up, meets with the pastry, revealing its flavor. When you go to Karabuk, you should definitely experience çullu pastry in pastries and restaurants.
  4. Zerde, the most famous of Karabuk’s local dishes, you can find zerde all over Karabuk. Ottoman heritage comes to the table with Safranbolu’s top quality saffron. You can’t get better anywhere in the world. The trio of sugar, rice and saffron will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate.
  5. Home baklava  lovers will love Safranbolu Baklava. The thin phyllo of the baklava, which is made carefully and regularly, is a must. It is a dessert that takes time to make. There may be some difficulties on the way to happiness.
  6. Long green beans dish , a bean dish, have several features unlike other bean dishes. The beans never break in this bean dish. Hence the name of the dish is long beans. The long bean dish, which is a dish cooked without breaking it, is a delicacy that you must try. The long bean dish, prepared by cooking with tomatoes and onions, is known as one of the most delicious dishes. Long bean dish is prepared by pouring hot butter on it. Because of this, the long bean dish has managed to get full marks. We strongly recommend you to try this dish if one day you go to Karabuk.
  7. Turkish style corn soup, has a characteristic of corn soup. That’s why this soup is very filling. Therefore, it is good to consume this soup in half a bowl. Because it is possible to feel full in this soup without going to other dishes. Corn soup is not only hearty but also delicious.
  8. Turkish homemade pasta, One of the most popular pasta dishes, home-made pasta is a very famous dish in Karabuk. Homemade pasta dish is also called as curry noodle in some places. This dish made with noodle we know is a dish made by blending it with ground beef. We recommend that you try the homemade pasta dish with yogurt. Especially serving home made pasta with walnuts is common in this city. It is known as a very tasty and satisfying meal.
  9. Karamancar dish, is a very nice dish that was made for the first time in Karabuk. This dish made with kale is called karamancar. Leek and split corn were added to it. At the same time, zucchini is optionally added to this dish. Karamancar, which is added in a single portion in this way, is a very delicious dish.

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