Kayseri Cuisine 4 Different Tastes from Dessert to Kayseri Ravioli

Kayseri regional dishes , many dishes that make up the traditional Kayseri cuisine , are the dishes that are one of the famous tastes of the Turkish cuisine , which cheers up the tables of almost all of us . Kayseri has a very rich cuisine thanks to its fertile lands due to its geographical location, being on an important trade route such as the silk road, and its 6000-year history.

Traditional Kayseri cuisine has also affected the food cultures of the surrounding provinces and has become a well-known cuisine spread all over the country and even the world. Cooking and serving food is one of the most enjoyable activities in the city, where a cooking competition is held in which the local people participate. Kayseri, which has been home to very old civilizations, is about 15 years after the 1071 Malazgirt victory.

It became a Muslim Turkish city. In addition to being the second capital of the Seljuks, it also became the most important trade center. The Seljuks, who were defeated by the Mongols in the Battle of Kösedağ in 1243, remained under Mongol rule for 150 years. Ultimately, it was re-incorporated into Turkish lands during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet during the Ottoman period and has been one of our important cities ever since. It is quite natural that the dishes of the city, which is kneaded with so much history, civilization and culture, are among the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine .

Perhaps the most well-known delicacies that affect both traditional Kayseri cuisine and trade are Kayseri pastrami and sausage. As Evliya Çelebi mentioned, around the 17th century, pastrami was started to be made with dried meat. In addition to being the first city that comes to mind when it comes to delicatessen products in our country, they have become one of the world’s known and loved traditional flavors. 

Kayseri cuisine and the most popular Kayseri dishes

Traditional Kayseri cuisine, which has a cuisine mostly with meat, minced meat and plenty of pastry, has managed to attract attention especially with its ravioli variety. Although the most known and consumed one is meat ravioli, there are more than thirty varieties such as fat ravioli, cheese ravioli, tray ravioli, crispy ravioli, potato ravioli, cone ravioli, chicken ravioli. Apart from these, it has managed to enter the famous flavors of Turkish cuisine, and has such precious tastes as custard, cameli drizzle, lubricating, lead vaccine, nevzine dessert, sausage meatballs, quince tahini leaf wrap, tahini katmer, hand-cut kadayif, braided rice, palace pilaf, bread with fenugreek, yoghurt dessert. We have meals.

4 Different Tastes from Kayseri cuisine

  1. Kayseri Ravioli: It is a dish that is almost identified with Kayseri and is eaten by everyone from seven to seventy. Kayseri-style ravioli is prepared by cutting the thinly rolled dough into small squares, adding ground beef and spicy mortar, and cooking it by boiling in boiling water. According to a rumor, 40 pieces of Kayseri ravioli could fit in a spoon. Although its accuracy is disputed, it is true that it was made tiny and requires a lot of effort. Especially when yoghurt with garlic and butter is poured on it, it becomes a dish that can be eaten plate by plate.
  2. Develi Civiklisi (Kayseri civiklisi): Although it is similar to meat bread and pita, the fact that it is made with roasting is what makes it different. The meat used is obtained from the loin and rib of the sheep. This stuffing, flavored with vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers, is spread on the leavened dough and then baked in special stone ovens. It is one of the flavors that must be tried by those who visit Kayseri.
  3. Kayseri oiling (şebit): It is another traditional dish known in our city of Kayseri, which has become famous for its minced meat and dough dishes. This feast of taste, which requires effort and ingenuity, can whet the appetite even with its appearance. It becomes ready to be eaten when the yeast dough is opened and cooked in layers in the size of a plate, and mixed with tomato paste, pepper and tomato minced meat. Yogurt is added to the top layer of dough made with 11 layers in Kayseri-style lubrication and minced meat and eaten with pleasure.
  4. Nevzine Dessert: It is a dessert that has become one of the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine. The nutritional value of this dessert, which is frequently made especially during the month of Ramadan, is quite high thanks to the tahini, molasses and walnuts it contains. Tahini is used in the dough and molasses is used in the sherbet.

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