Kilis Dishes

9 popular dishes from Kilis, Kilis, located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, has been influenced by the culture of the east and has provided the emergence of delicious tastes. Kilis has become a synthesis of the neighboring provinces around it, and it has carried traces of Anatolian culinary culture from Arab dishes to Gaziantep dishes. Let’s take a look at the local dishes of Kilis, which has a rich culinary culture, from meat dishes to soups, to desserts with syrup.

Kilis Dishes – 9 Delicious Popular Dishes

(Kilis Tava) Kilis dishes, the most famous dish of the region, is the Kilis pan, in the first place in the list of local dishes. Kilis pan is similar to the traditional Hatay dish, Tepsi kebab. Kilis pan, prepared with plenty of ground meat and vegetables, is a delicious taste that meat lovers should definitely experience when they go to Kilis. 

Kilis Tava

(Silkme dish) Another local dish is silkme, one of Kilis’ vegetable dishes. Silkme dish, which is a delicious vegetable dish prepared by combining many vegetables, is a healthy and nutritious food. You can experience this local vegetable dish at restaurants and restaurants when you go to Kilis.

Silkme dish

(Teşrübe dish) One of the most delicious dishes prepared with the combination of eggplant and meat in the kitchens of Kilis is tesrübe. This local dish is also frequently made in Gaziantep cuisines. Teşrübe, which is a very satisfying taste, is served with eggplant with meat added on sliced ​​nail pita and with garlic yogurt poured over it. You can experience this taste, which is appetizing with its appearance, in restaurants.

Teşrübe dish

(Öcce dish) This flavor, which is likened to mucver at first sight, is a vegetable dish from Kilis local dishes. It is a practical dish prepared by combining eggs, flour and greens and frying them. When you go to Öcce Kilis, which can be consumed at every meal, you can experience it in restaurants.

Öcce dish
öcce dish

(Keşkek dish) is a local dish made in many regions of Turkey. Keskek, which is prepared in every region with its unique recipes, has also taken its place in Kilis culinary culture. This popular flavor is often made by the local people. You can also experience this flavor in Kilis restaurants and restaurants where local dishes are served.

keskek dish

(Mikla dish) ​​Kilis dishes, the last dish in the list of local dishes is the mikla dish. This flavor prepared with egg offers a different taste. You can find and experience this dish, which you can consume at any time of the day, at every meal, in restaurants.

Mikla dish

(Lebeniye soup) Lebeniye soup, which is made in many regions of our country and consumed with pleasure, takes its place among the local soups of Kilis. You can experience this local soup, which has an exquisite taste, in restaurants and restaurants as it is made in the Kilis region.

Lebeniye soup

(Gerebic dessert) The first place in the list of Kilis dishes and local desserts is the gerebic cookie. This flavor is also known as pistachio gerebic. The reason why it is called that way is because it is filled inside. The Gerebiç dessert, which is made frequently by the local people of Kilis and has an exquisite taste that does not go stale quickly and can preserve its freshness for a long time, is sold in every patisserie in the region.

Gerebic dessert

(Oruk dish) It looks like a stuffed meatball in appearance. Fasting is an Arabian dish. It is a dish introduced to this city by the Arabs of Kilis. The oruk dish, which is prepared in a thin and long shape, is a dish that should be preferred. Fast food, which is both delicious and satisfying, is highly preferred.

Oruk dish

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