Kirikkale Tastes

All provinces in our country have their own famous dishes and drinks. While some provinces have less famous food or places, some of our provinces are famous for many things. So what is  Kırıkkale famous for, what is Kırıkkale famous for? What are the most famous foods of Kırıkkale?

  1. Tarhana Soup with Yoghurt : Soup lovers, come for a while. Tarhana soup with yogurt is one of the most popular flavors in this city. Tarhana soup with yoghurt, a dish unique to Kırıkkale, is a very delicious soup. It is served by adding some spices on it. Tarhana soup with yogurt is among the most delicious dishes of dinner. Those who try tarhana soup with yogurt once cannot forget this soup.
  2. Tuvalak : One of the other Kırıkkale delicacies is Tuvalak. Tuvalak is one of the most popular delicacies. Tuvalak draws attention as one of the local delicacies. It is a soup-like dish in appearance. The dish includes both meat and bulgur. For this reason, we are sure that you have never tasted the dish of Tuvalk, which is also rich in ingredients. It is useful to try the Tuvalak dish even once. Because this dish is also high in nutritional values. You will also love the dish of Tuvalak, which is a very satisfying meal.
  3. Sızgıt : One of the dishes unique to Kırıkkale. This dish, which is interpreted differently by each region, is made from finely chopped fatty meat. It is possible to find sızgıtı, which is usually the traditional dish of Eid al-Adha in the city, in almost every restaurant of Kırıkkale.
  4. Madımak : Madımak meal is another delicious one in Kırıkkale. It’s a good idea to try the dish, which consists of bulgur, tomato paste and meat mixed with the magnificent kilimak herb. 
  5. Haside dessert : Haside dessert, which is made from molasses, will both satisfy your sweet need and inject all the benefits of molasses into your body. It will be much more delicious if you add some walnuts to the dessert, which consists only of molasses, flour and butter.

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