Local Dishes From Bartın

Local dishes from Bartın, what Bartın is famous for, its local dishes, the most famous foods and culinary culture are here. We also told you what Bartın’s desserts and soups are, how famous they are! Bartın, which equips its tables with delicious dishes from meat quince to the famous fig ice cream, is home to very interesting dishes that you should discover. We hope you enjoy reading our  Bartın local dishes  list , which we have prepared for those who are curious about the traditional tastes of Bartın cuisine .

  1. Pumpum soup : Pumpum soup, which is integrated with the city of Bartın, is a delicacy that should be eaten in Bartın. Although it is a soup made at any time of the year, it is more preferred in the winter months. Soup is perfect for boosting the immune system. It is recommended for people suffering from diseases such as the flu. Pumpum soup, which is made from very few ingredients, is extremely delicious. Corn flour, broth and roasting are used in the making of the soup. When the materials used come together because they have good tastes on their own, a feast of taste emerges.
  2. Rice Manti: Although it is known as rice ravioli, it is known as Bartın ravioli with rice in many places. Bartın ravioli is made in different ways. Even if the method of making is the same as the mantı you know to a certain extent, it is completely different. The mortar for ravioli with rice is prepared by roasting in a pan beforehand, and when it becomes ravioli, it is placed in the oven and fried. Even if the ravioli dough is prepared normally, its stuffing is fried in a pan by adding rice, minced meat, onions and spices. Then the dough is rolled out and the mortar is put in it and it takes the form of ravioli. Ravioli are beautifully arranged on the tray and placed in the oven. When it comes out of the oven, the broth is poured over it and served when the ravioli takes the broth. The hometown of rice ravioli is considered to be Bartın. It is an absolute must-try dish when you go to Bartın. Both its taste and presentation will steal your heart.
  3. Zucchini burrito:  No other dessert other than this dessert is made or consumed during Ramadan, holidays and special days. It is the most popular dessert in the city. It is said to be addictive and it is one of the flavors you should definitely taste when you go to Bartın.
  4. Amasra salad:  Forget about the salads you’ve eaten so far, both with its appearance and with the naturalness of the ingredients. Since all the ingredients used in this salad are organic, it leaves a completely different taste in the mouth when consumed together.
  5. Fig ice cream : Fig ice cream has a very special place in the city of Bartın. Although it is a dessert that can be found everywhere, fig ice cream is quite special in the city of Bartın. Fig ice cream has a very simple production process and its appearance is not like the ice creams you know. But it is real and additive-free ice cream. You can easily taste the figs in it. It is one of the most beautiful desserts that can be eaten between rest when visiting the city of Bartın. 
  6. Village Pastry with Chicken : Chicken Pastry, which is one of the flavors that combines pastry and chicken, takes its flavor from village chickens. In this dish, boiled chicken is shredded and served on phyllo dough. Chicken Village Böreği, which ranks first among the dishes cooked in all Bartın houses, is also served in the menus of restaurants serving local delicacies.  

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