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Loquat Kebab Gaziantep

Loquat kebab Gaziantep, Where fruit turns into food, loquat kebab leaves people with delicious tastes. The kebab dish, which is created by frying minced meat and adding various spices to it, and putting it into loquat fruits, is highly preferred in Gaziantep region. The loquat kebab, which is cooked in all seasons and leaves special flavors in each cooking, can be made very comfortably at home.

In loquat kebab, which takes its name from loquat fruit, minced meat made with fresh loquat fruits and mixed with spices is placed in the center of loquats. The loquat kebab, which must be eaten by those who are hungry during their visit to Gaziantep, is made ready for presentation in various restaurants. People who come to Gaziantep should definitely try loquat kebab, which is also decorated with onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

One of the kebab dishes you will hear for the first time in Gaziantep, where there is a great variety of kebabs, is loquat kebab. This food, in which the meat and other nutrients added to the loquat fruits are transferred to the people with a special presentation, will also create an extra taste for the people.

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