Gaziantep Cuisine

Muceddere Pilaf

Muceddere pilaf from the Gaziantep region is one of the most special dishes that reflects how important the geography of Turkey is in terms of gastronomic culture. The origin of muceddere pilaf is Arabian and Iranian culture. Since we have lived together with this culture for years, we have entered into various cultural exchanges with each other.

Muceddere is a kind of rice dish. However, bulgur and lentils are used instead of white rice. This very delicious and satisfying meal is frequently consumed in Gaziantep and its surroundings in our country.

The fact that muceddere pilaf, a dish belonging to the Arab culture, is consumed so frequently in Turkey is important for the country’s gastronomic tourism. This dish, which especially attracts the attention of foreign tourists visiting our country, can be considered as the most important indicator of the transition between different cultures. Muceddere pilaf is a different type of pilaf that should be tasted by people visiting Gaziantep region.

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