Gaziantep Cuisine

Mushroom Keme Kebab from Gaziantep

Keme kebab is a kind of kebab recipe in which keme mushrooms are prepared together with meat. To consume keme kebab, you must come to Antep around March and April. The reason for this is due to the fact that keme mushrooms can be collected and consumed in these months. It is an indisputable fact that the best kebab masters from Antep make the keme kebab.

It is not possible to consume keme kebab everywhere and all the time. This flavor, which is not very common due to the fact that the mushroom species is not found everywhere, is also among the local flavors of Gaziantep. When it comes to locality, Gaziantep has many unique local flavors. If you want to see how well mushrooms and meat go together, it is recommended to try Keme kebab. Discover the unique taste of mushrooms and the blending of meat with spices.

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