Gaziantep Cuisine

Onion kebab

Onion kebab, there are kebabs and dishes that we have not heard of before in a few cities in Turkey. Gaziantep, where a different flavor such as onion kebab is made, is one of the Gastronomy cities of Turkey.

Onion kebab is the healthiest meal to eat, especially in the winter months when we need vitamins and natural antibiotics. In addition to being healthy, it offers a unique taste feast to those who smell and taste it.

The cuisine of Turkish cuisine, which has the most flavor, is undoubtedly Gaziantep cuisine. Among the various dishes, onion kebab is the most recommended dish for those who visit Gaziantep during the winter months.

The most important feature of this unique flavor, which is prepared with minced lamb and cooked slowly in the oven, is that the meatballs are made with only ground lamb, salt and spices. The pomegranate syrup that is poured on it during the service adds flavor to its taste.

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