Osmaniye Local Dishes – 16 Most Popular Dishes

Osmaniye local dishes Osmaniye cuisine, the most important ingredient of the local cuisine is bulgur. In this respect, most of the local dishes are made with bulgur; Such as stuffed meatballs, lentil meatballs, raw meatballs, barren, bulgur pilaf and more…

  1. Meat Kombe, is a delicacy, also known as Meat Meat Meal. It forms the basis of the food culture of Osmaniye. It is quite difficult to make. Our advice to those who want to go to the top of the taste.
  2. Stuffed meatballs (İçli Köfte) a snack unique to the Mediterranean cuisine, is made from bulgur produced in the fertile lands of Çukurova. This delicious food, which contains many spices, is served after frying. Many greens and lemons are added around it while serving. Its outer membrane, surrounded by roasted ground beef and fresh bulgur, leaves a wonderful flavor on the palate. It is possible to try stuffed meatballs in all restaurants in the city. 
  3. Stuffed ribs, is a dish usually prepared on special occasions in Osmaniye. In order to make the rib stuffing, kid or goat ribs are required. It is one of the special dishes for the people of Osmaniye. This dish, which is a bit difficult to prepare and present, is one of the flavors that should be tried in the region. Rice is specially made for the stuffed ribs cooked in wood fire. After pilaf is placed on a large tray, this meat dish is served on it. 
  4. Eggplant salad (Söğürme) is a type of appetizer made from eggplant unique to Osmaniye. Mainly eggplant, onions and green peppers draw attention. During its preparation, first of all, all the ingredients are cooked in embers. Then all the ingredients are chopped into small pieces with the help of a knife. After this process is completed, sours, salt and pepper are added before the presentation. This delicious appetizer, served cold and hot, is offered in all restaurants. Although it is difficult to prepare, the flavor it leaves on the palate is not forgotten. 
  5. Peanut rice, made using completely organic peanuts produced in Osmaniye, is one of the special flavors unique to the region. It is prepared with rice, peanuts, sugar, salt, chicken broth and oil. After the rice is washed carefully, the cooking process begins. Peanuts are added to the rice to be served by adding sugar and salt separately from the rice. Carrots and different greens are added to the rice as an extra. Everyone who goes to Osmaniye is recommended to try this specially prepared dish. 
  6. Stuffed village chicken is one of the different flavors that should be tried in the city. The interior mortar of this material, which is prepared using chickens grown organically in villages, has many riches. Its interior mortar contains onion, basil, olive oil, pepper paste, black pepper and salt. After the stuffing is filled into the chicken, the chicken is placed in a large pot and filled with water and cooked for about 1 hour. After the cooking process is completed, the chicken is served either by removing it or as a whole. 
  7. Toyga soup (Toğga soup) is given by cooking it in special copper cauldrons with ashes. The soup contains yoghurt, water, mashed wheat, boiled chickpeas, mint, butter, flour and salt. The preparation of the soup, known as Toğga or Toyga, is a little troublesome. First of all, wheat and chickpeas are added to the copper cauldron together with water and it is expected to cook. Meanwhile, egg white, flour and yogurt are whisked. Chickpeas and wheat are added to this mixture after cooking. The soup must be carefully stirred until it boils. It is served by adding greens if desired. 
  8. Hand Pickles (Osmaniye El Turşusu) is known as an appetizer consumed alongside different dishes. It contains pepper, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, sumac syrup, dried mint and lemon salt, which are completely organic and produced in the region. All vegetables are chopped and boiled in a pot. The level is adjusted by adding sour carefully. After the preparation process is finished, it is served cold after waiting for two hours in the refrigerator. 
  9. Kombe, ranks first among the special tastes of Osmaniye. There are many different types of kombe dishes made during the feast. It is a custom to welcome those who come to the house as guests on religious holidays with a kombe. 
  10. Burma kadayif with peanuts, Burma kadayif with peanuts, which is one of the flavors that come out of Osmaniye cuisine and reach many parts of our country, is one of the desserts that should be tried after meals. First of all, this dessert, whose dough is prepared, contains peanuts. This delicious dessert is served cold. The flavor of the dessert is due to the coldness of the dough and the hot syrup poured on it. 
  11. Mahluta soup, is a soup often made in many parts of the Mediterranean region. The type of soup that mahluta soup is similar to is lentil soup. While lentil soup is not made with grains, mahluta soup is made with grains. Cooked mahluta soup fascinates those who eat it warmly.
  12. Cabbage wraps, is made with meat in Osmaniye. Spices and minced meat are added to the stuffing prepared with rice or bulgur, and the cabbages are wrapped. You can enjoy the well-cooked cabbage with homemade yoghurt. It is usually consumed with hand-opened open bread. Cabbage lovers should try this delicious dish in Osmaniye.
  13. Zorkun tava, You can often hear the name Zorkun Tava in and around Zorkun Tava, Osmaniye. This pan dish includes delicious ingredients such as lamb cubes, tomatoes, peppers and onions. Zorkun pan is usually consumed with warm pita bread.
  14. Yellow burma dessert, is widely eaten especially in Adana, Mersin and Osmaniye. You can see this delicious dessert made from dough in many corners. It is delicious when consumed fresh and crispy. In other words, it is more enjoyable to eat dessert when it is first made. 
  15. Pistachio Candy, Osmaniye Pistachio Candy, which is unique to Osmaniye, can be found in every corner of the city. Peanuts, sesame and sugar are used in the production of this pistachio candy, which is pleasant and delicious to eat.
  16. Osmaniye bagel, has become an indispensable part of breakfast with its warm and crispy state. In addition, people who are hungry during the day can calm their hunger by taking the Osmaniye bagel. Those who cross the road in Osmaniye should definitely try this bagel. The taste of the empty sesame bagel cooked in wood fire is wonderful. You can find warm and fresh Osmaniye bagels at any time of the day.

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