Gaziantep Cuisine

Oz Soup Gaziantep (Öz Soup)

Gaziantep’s special soup, oz Soup (öz soup) is a soup unique to Gaziantep region. oz soup is one of the ancient and forgotten dishes, although it is a soup specific to Gaziantep region.

Just like Yuvarlama, oz soup is also included in the list of dishes that represent Gaziantep cuisine. One of the flavors unique to Gaziantep, which is included in the “Creative Cities Network” by UNESCO, oz Soup or geographical indication registration has been obtained.

Essence soup is a light soup, its preparation is a bit of a pain. It is a valuable soup that was served to guests at dinner parties in the past. It is generally consumed in spring and winter. Apart from the meat itself, it contains clarified butter and broth and is a soup with yogurt. Optionally, it can also be prepared with turkey broth. It can also be prepared using chicken, but it is preferable to prepare it with broth.

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