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Simit Kebab – Different Types of Turkish Kebab

Gaziantep simit kebab, We said that you can find all kinds of kebab in Gaziantep. Simit kebab is one of them. You can see simit kebab, which is equipped with garlic and prepared on special skewers and served warmly, in Gaziantep region. The simit kebab, which should be preferred by those who go to Gaziantep, will also leave a special taste in people.

When Gaziantep is mentioned, one of the most delicious dishes that comes to mind is simit kebab. When it comes to kebab, even simit can be made in Antep. Moreover, the taste and flavor of each prepared kebab is different from each other. This flavor is prepared on skewers, blended with garlic and baked in the oven. People across our country can also try this recipe at home.

This kebab made with bulgur, ground lamb, spices and garlic is among the flavors that remain on the palate. Even though you get a bitter taste at first when you eat, your mouth gets used to the taste and you eat it as you eat. It can be considered as one of the options that really adds difference between local tastes.

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