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Sini meatballs Gaziantep Style Meatballs

Sini meatballs is one of the snacks made with pistachio and minced meat, again in Gaziantep style. Made with onions, walnuts, meat, bulgur and spices, sini meatballs differ from other meatballs in some aspects. The walnuts and pistachios in it make the meatballs have a very different taste. However, the use of red pepper powder adds a slight bitterness, while the taste of pistachio creates a pleasant impression for those who try it for the first time. Sini meatballs are a dish that is frequently made for guests in Gaziantep.

If you happen to be in Gaziantep, definitely try the different flavor of sini meatballs. Because by experiencing this food, you will both enjoy the taste of pistachios and feel the bitterness of red pepper, if any.

It is noteworthy that there are many types of meatballs in Gaziantep. Among these types of meatballs, sini meatballs, which are also discussed in many parts of our country, are among the indispensable tastes of those who visit Gaziantep by creating a special taste for people. You can also experience sini meatballs for new tastes.

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