Gaziantep Cuisine

Small Meatballs With Yoghurt

Small meatballs with yoghurt have an important place among the yoghurt dishes made unique to Gaziantep. Along with giving the yoghurt taste, the bulgur meatballs, beef cubes and chickpeas used in it also add richness to the taste of the dish. We can see the small meatballs with yoghurt, which takes a lot of effort to make and prepare, being made in many places in our country. Various spices sprinkled on the small meatballs with yoghurt, which originates from Gaziantep, can also be preferred in terms of appealing to the eye.

Those who taste the small meatballs with yoghurt prepared and presented with yoghurt sauce will want to taste this flavor again. Small meatballs with yoghurt, which are prepared with special spices, garlic and hot peppers to be added upon request, can be easily made at home. Small meatball dishes with yoghurt, which those who pass by Gaziantep can easily find in restaurants and restaurants, are served to the guests with special tastes of the region.

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