Gaziantep Cuisine

Sour Malhita Soup

Sour malhita soup Kilis cuisine has a rich structure with its unique dishes. Meals are divided into two as “daily cooked meals” and “meals cooked on special occasions”.

Meat and bulgur form the basis of the meals. In addition, vegetable-based dishes are prepared in accordance with the season.

Kilis dishes reflect the characteristics of the rich Turkish cuisine as well as the Aleppo cuisine. Oily and spicy dishes are in the foreground, as well as olive oil dishes are indispensable types of Kilis cuisine.

Olive oil is obtained from high quality olives grown in the region, which is an indispensable nutrient in the kitchen of almost every Kilis.

In Kilis dishes, taste comes first. Special attention is paid to the taste of food. In dishes, various spices are used according to the characteristics of the food.

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