The Best Turkish Desserts Asure And Baklava

The best Turkish desserts, We think it would not be wrong to say that Turkish desserts are as famous as Turkish dishes. In fact, Turkish cuisine is so extensive and contains so many wonderful flavors that there are many desserts that can outshine even the most familiar dessert of Turks, Baklava.

Turkish desserts are mainly dough-based that soaked in syrup / sherbet, and milk-based products. It can be deep-fried or cooked in the pot… Light taste and texture or extremely sweet… Depends on your taste, you can absolutely find any kind of dessert in the Turkish kitchen.

Let’s take a glance at some of the most widely known and traditional Turkish desserts:

traditional Turkish desserts


A good option for vegan consumers. Even though some people like to have it with some milk in it, originally it doesn’t contain any animal products. Actually, Aşure is a type of home-made pudding made with some fruits (especially apricot and pomegranate) dried fruits (such as raisins), lots of grains, some nuts, and spices.  We are aware that it sounds weird and probably you pictured it like a soup but believe it or not, this dessert is extremely delicious and kind of addictive for many people in Turkey. Besides, in comparison to many desserts, it’s very nutritious and healthy as well.

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