Trabzon Cuisine Trabzon Dishes 4 Different Tastes to Try

Famous Tastes of Turkish Cuisine: Traditional Trabzon Cuisine

Trabzon cuisine does not end with describing the famous tastes of Trabzon dishes. Trabzon, the distinguished city of our Black Sea region, is home to wonderful dishes that are both on the palate and in the mind. It has incredible green areas and edible grass diversity with the effect of the combative Black Sea climate, abundant rainfall in all seasons, mountains and plateaus. Dozens of shades of green and the beautiful air made it possible for the livestock raised there to be very tasty.

The most used products in Trabzon dishes are;

The first vegetable that cheers up the traditional Trabzon cuisine, maybe not even known by many people, but when you ask a Trabzon person, will be kale. It is necessary to give the value it deserves to this vegetable, which has a unique smell and taste, which is made both soup, roasted and stuffed. Nettle, which is one of the blessings of abundant rainfall, is again the most consumed type of grass by the local people. Chard is one of the precious herbs of the variety. It can be cooked as a stand-alone meal or accompanied by anchovies. In addition, plenty of corn, dry beans, hazelnuts, potatoes and wheat are grown in the region. Anchovy, which is the first thing that comes to mind when the Black Sea is mentioned, is an indispensable part of many traditional dishes. So much so that there is much more anchovy consumption in the region than meat consumption.

Trabzon food

Traditional Trabzon cuisine is a wonderful cuisine worth tasting, with dozens of dishes with anchovies, cabbage, corn and chard that smell like the Black Sea. Some of the famous dishes; Anchovy pan with chard, anchovy rice, anchovy slippery, anchovy bird, muhlama, corn bread with milk, kuymak, Akçaabat meatballs, Laz pastry, corn soup, black cabbage dish, malhota, Bean pilaf, Anchovy village rice pudding, persimmon tart, Trabzon cheese, black cabbage wrap

4 different flavors of Trabzon region

Kuymak: Although it is not a taste known and made only in Trabzon, the most known is Trabzon style kuymak. The word kuymak, which is used to describe porridge made from barley and wheat in Pure Turkish, gave a name to this wonderful flavor over time. It is a complete feast of taste that comes out with the meeting of corn flour, butter and local cheese on the fried bread, and is eaten by dipping the bread and stretching it out.

Kaygana: Although it makes you think of omelette or pancake when you look at the materials used in its production, when there is plenty of butter, various herbs, vegetables and anchovies accompanying the eggs, it is now a slippery dish. One of the anchovy dishes made with Enva-i is Kaygana with anchovy.

Hamsikoy rice pudding: It has been registered by the Turkish patent and trademark institution, and Hamsiköy rice pudding, which is one of the rare tastes of our country, was also entitled to receive a geographical indication certificate in 2017. Champion also crowns its taste with Black Sea hazelnuts poured abundantly on this dessert. This rice pudding, cooked in the oven and slightly caramelized, is unlike any other. It is such a popular dessert that it has managed to enter the menu of Turkish Airlines.

Laz pastry: Although it is called a pastry, it is actually a dessert with pudding. Laz pastry is a feast of taste that those who do not eat it will regret with its pudding gently flowing through the crispy phyllo. It also stands up to other sherbet desserts with its sherbet that spills out after it comes out of the oven. This local dessert, which is made frequently in cities such as Trabzon, Rize, and Artvin, where Laz people are concentrated, has started to be made in many places using baklava dough today.

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