Traditional Ankara Dishes 4 Foods You Should Try

Traditional Ankara dishes Some of the traditional Ankara dishes. Anatolia has thousands of years of history, tens of civilizations that lived on its lands, and a food culture shaped by different traditions. Traditional Ankara dishes , which are among the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine, are among our dishes with lots of wheat, tarhana, noodles and interesting names that smell Anatolian. Meals, which are usually prepared to last for a long time, such as drying, smoking, forging, frying, salting, straining, are among our food preparation traditions left over from nomadic societies.

The most used ingredients in traditional Ankara cuisine are; wheat, red lentils, green lentils, potatoes, beets, carrots, tomatoes, witch hazel, fodder grass, lamb, molasses, noodles. There are also delicious snacks such as Ankara pear, Beypazarı baklava, Ayaş mulberry, Beypazarı dried fruit, Beypazarı home-style tomato jam, Güdül roasted chickpea, Kalecik black grape that those who go to Ankara should buy and taste.

Traditional Ankara Dishes

Our capital has many delicious dishes. Some of them are good to be eaten on-site and by the hands of master chefs, and some of them are Anatolian dishes with easy and suitable ingredients that we can make in our own homes . When we say traditional Ankara cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Ankara pan . Afterwards, stuffed efelek, flatbread kebab, curry for scallops, malak, Beypazarı stew, incense soup, uruş closure, bici vaccine, spoonfuls, tamrak tiridi. traditional desserts; They are easy-to-make and interesting desserts such as crow’s brain, bitter gourd, meatballs, and ox halva .

  1. Efelek dolma: It is one of our natural and delicious herbs that grows only in spring and can grow spontaneously in the green areas of Ankara. Stuffed stuffing is put into slightly boiled effelek leaves pressed into hot water and wrapped. In Ankara style stuffed efelek, the stuffing is prepared with a mixture of rice and bulgur, with tomato paste and wrapped in a triangular amulet. Garlic yoghurt is poured on it during service, or it can be eaten with manger cacık, which is also a local delicacy.
  2. Beypazarı casserole : This troublesome and delicious dish, which has a lot of lovers, has come from the sultan’s tables to the present day, which has entered the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine from the Beypazarı district of Ankara. Slowly cooked food in a casserole takes about five hours to be ready. The flavor of the lamb placed in the casserole is doubled with the accompaniment of fresh garden tomatoes and peppers.
  3. Ankara pan : It is one of the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine, which has entered our hearts and tables with its taste that comes out of traditional Ankara cuisine . Barley noodle and sometimes rice are used, depending on preference, in the preparation of the dish, which is often made both in the distinguished restaurants of Ankara and at home, with a memorable appearance and taste. Lamb meat is used in making real Ankara pans . Roasted meat with onions, garlic, green peppers and tomatoes is flavored with black pepper, salt, cumin and tomato paste. Thoroughly roasted barley noodles are cooked in the consistency of rice and served with the prepared lamb meat mixture.
  4. Öllüğün körü : this very interestingly named dish tastes memorable. According to the rumor about where this traditional dish of Ankara cuisine , made with homemade noodles and ground beef, got its name; A woman was cooking with noodles she made at home and some ground beef, at that time her neighbor came and wondered what she was cooking, and the woman, with an angry tone of voice, mockingly said , ” öllüğün körü“. After this incident, the name of the dish spread to the local people in this way. Homemade noodles boiled in boiling water and roasted ground beef are blended and poured into an oven dish, and then placed in the oven for further cooking. This dish, which is very satisfying and easy to prepare, is also loved by many. 

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