Traditional Bolu Cuisine Bolu Local Dishes 3 Famous Dishes

Traditional bolu cuisine and bolu local dishes. The chefs of our city of Bolu, who contribute a lot to the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine , are also famous enough to get ahead of their meals. 

Anadolu Cookery Vocational High School, which is one of the first educational institutions of the culinary profession, which is almost passed down from father to son, was established in Bolu in 1985. The ‘Cooking Festival’, which is the only one in our country and where famous chefs and the richness of traditional Bolu cuisine are exhibited, is held in Bolu every year in September. 

Ingredients frequently used in traditional Bolu cuisine ; Sugar beet, fenugreek, turfgrass, eggplant, zucchini, keş (a hard cheese made from skim yoghurt or milk), various types of mushrooms (natural mushrooms growing on mountain slopes) The meat of lambs fed on the green fields of Bolu is also an indispensable part of bolu meals. 

Bolu Dishes Traditional Bolu Cuisine

The most popular and widely consumed dishes, many of which have taken their place in everyone’s kitchen, come from Bolu cuisine. Very delicious hot soups such as plateau soup, tarhana soup, cranberry tarhana soup, chickpea soup, broad bean soup with yoghurt, ovmaç soup, soup kitchen. Pastries such as village bread with potatoes, hot water flatbread, raw pastry, pita bread with zucchini, pancakes with zucchini, cat sticky. Mushroom sauteed, meat ravioli, stuffed chicken, mengen pilaf, forest kebab, lamb casserole, köroğlu tile leaf kebab, broad beans, spoon handle, katik, pasha pilaf, Bolu meatballs, Abant kebab, ravioli with walnuts, spoon hawk main and side dishes. Coş compote, pumpkin compote, cranberry syrup, karavul sherbet, Bolu bey dessert, palace halva, palize,It forms the traditional Bolu cuisine .

  1. Mengen Pilaf : The first thing that comes to mind when Bolu dishes are mentioned, more than just rice, is rich enough to be a meal on its own. Rice, which is brewed with the wonderful harmony of rice, lamb, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, walnuts, dill, thyme and black pepper , takes its place among the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine .
  2. Cat Batmaz: According to the story of this local dish, which is easy to prepare and has few ingredients, it is said that there are sweet quarrels between the bride and mother-in-law, the bride tries to cook with the few ingredients in her hand, and the mother-in-law uses the house cat to spoil the food, but the cat does not want to step on the food. eat cat buoyant is rumored that called. It is prepared by adding butter, tulum cheese, walnuts or foie gras after the flour thrown into the boiling water is mixed and cooked.
  3. Keşli Walnut Ravioli : Almost every region has its own ravioli recipe. In this local ravioli, dried yoghurt called keş is used. To make this dish, which is one of the most popular dishes of the traditional Bolu cuisine ; After the prepared ravioli dough is rolled out and cut into small pieces, a mixture of minced meat, onions and spices is put into it, and it is closed in the form of a triangle. Keş is roasted in a pan with walnuts and 2-3 tablespoons of internal mortar with butter. Finally, after this mortar is placed on the serving plate, ravioli are placed on it. This sequence is repeated 2 times, and it is served by pouring a walnut mortar on top.

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