Traditional Cuisine of Iğdır Turkey – Dishes From Iğdır

There are many different dishes from the Iğdır region. The dishes in Iğdır cuisine are especially curious and researched by people who are considering going to Iğdır. Iğdır Foods – What to eat in Iğdır and what is it famous for? What are the names and list of the dishes of Iğdır cuisine? Before going to Iğdır, we have compiled all the details about the famous dishes.

Iğdır region also has its own unique flavors. Local dishes and local desserts in Iğdır will be among the tastes that you will love very much. When you go to Iğdır, you can choose more easily by having information about what you can eat.

  1. Stone meatballs: It consists of boneless meat, parsley, porridge, rice, eggs, potatoes and spices. The meat to be used for making meatballs can be beaten with a hammer on the stone or used as minced meat. Prepared meatballs are poured into the mixture prepared with butter, potatoes and onions and cooked. Although it is difficult to make, it is one of the traditional culinary delicacies of Iğdır, which is loved and consumed by the local people. It is among the flavors that visitors to the city can taste.
  2. Bozbaş chickpeas and lamb are the two most important ingredients of this dish. Eat; It is cooked in a mug and served as such. It has a different and interesting taste. If you go to Iğdır, we recommend you to try it.
  3. Hörre: It has the consistency of soup. It can be done any day of the year due to its practical construction and the scarcity of materials and availability. After it is cooked with flour, margarine and water, butter is poured on it and it is ready to serve. It is consumed in abundance in the city.
  4. Lepeli and sour rice: It is very difficult to come across this dish in a city other than Iğdır. We can say that it is the most famous dish of Iğdır. Meat on the rice, but the turmeric put in it makes the taste of the known meat pilaf completely different. It is made and consumed intensively in the month of Ramadan, holidays and special days.
  5. Katlet meatballs. The mortar is prepared with potatoes, spices and onions, not round, and shaped as a long one.
  6. Eggplant jam: It is a type of jam that is difficult to make. It is made in almost every house in Iğdır and consumed fondly. If your palate is open to different flavors, we recommend you to try it.
  7. Tapan: It is the local bread of Iğdır. Its ingredients consist of flour, dry yeast, salt and milk. It is made by opening thinly similar to lavash. This flavor cooked in a tandoori is loved and consumed by the local people.
  8. Helise: Helise, one of the soups loved and consumed by the local people, is one of the flavors of Iğdır cuisine. It consists of turkey or chicken meat, pounded wheat, water, salt and butter. It is placed in a casserole and cooked in a tandoor. After cooking, butter is added and served. It is similar to the Sabah vaccine soup of the region.
  9. Hörre: It is one of the soups of Iğdır cuisine. It is quite simple to make. Its ingredients are margarine, flour, water and salt. First, flour and margarine are roasted. Water is added to the roasted mortar and it is brought to a liquid consistency. It is served with butter on it. It is one of the soups loved and consumed by the local people.

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