Traditional Izmir Dishes 4 Popular Dishes From Izmir Region

Traditional İzmir dishes İzmir cuisine  is rich with a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in the unique nature of the Aegean. In addition to the light and healthy vegetable dishes, which are generally cooked using olive oil, meatball dishes are also famous. It has a cultural blend of cuisine, as it has hosted Albanians, Greeks, Jews, Bosnians and Turks over the centuries. The food of İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is colorful and fun, just like the Aegean people.

Seafood, which appears in the Aegean Sea, is also an indispensable part of the traditional Izmir cuisine. So much so that the sea cowpea is one of the favorite foods of the Aegean people, who have even found a herb from the sea. Olive oil, which is the source of health, beauty and naturalness, has no season. In Izmir dishes, you will definitely get the taste and smell of olive oil in both cold dishes and hot dishes in summer and winter. 

Ingredients used in Izmir cuisine

Artichoke, cowpea, vine leaves, kidney beans, broad beans, bell pepper, spinach, zucchini flowers, zucchini and vegetables such as chives, tangle, bamboo, crocus, mallow, donkey lettuce, donkey thistle, poppy, dandelion, mustard grass, borage , chicory, Dozens of Aegean herbs and plants such as pincushion, nettle, rock grove, rhizome, bird grass, bird bread, crow’s feet, lamb’s ear, kenker, labada, fat, ivy, dımak, watercress, silcan, Şevketi bostan, vinegar , and chard are used. meals are made.

Knowing the value of all kinds of edible herbs and using them as main or auxiliary material in various dishes, traditional Izmir cuisine is rich enough to introduce the famous flavors of Turkish cuisine from the first place. There is also a festival of aegean herbs bursting with health . ‘Alaçatı Herb Festival’, held in the first months of spring, is a spring-smelling festival that attracts visitors from many cities. Another food item spread all over the country is İzmir Tulum cheese. It has taken its place especially on breakfast tables and has become a traditional flavor accompanying boyoz and cereal. Various spices such as fresh thyme and basilaccompany the traditional dishes of İzmir .

Izmir Dishes

Although we give the first place to those with olive oil, traditional İzmir dishes include pastries, meat dishes, desserts and seafood. Boyoz, İzmir baguette, İzmir meatballs, Tire meatballs, stuffed zucchini flowers, stuffed mussels, mixed herb roast, İzmir style kokoreç, charcoal stew, skewers, stuffed artichokes, şevketi bostan, milk fish, crackling, töngorel bread pita, Berriesama meat , sea cowpea, pan fried elbasan, gopez with yoghurt, herb pastry, peeled zucchini, tangle, radica salad, Cretan pate, Şirince sultan kebab and bites, İzmir bomba, şambali, gum mastic cookies, neck dessert, Bergama halva Izmir dishes , whose desserts such as tangerine dessert are the most known and are among the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine to you.

1 zucchini flowers stuffed : with a taste of harm to mind, when one would want to eat one more meal, blossoming fascination with the state of the Turkish people stuffed zucchini flowers stuffed . It is a very troublesome dish with olive oil, which should especially be tried by those who say whether it is stuffed with zucchini flowers. Working mortar on delicate leaves requires experience.

2 İzmir meatballs : It is a dish inherited from the Greek occupation period. It is an oven dish with tomato paste sauce and potato meatballs, which was made by the Greeks who settled in Izmir and later adopted by all Izmir people. 

3 Elbasan pans : The variety of food has also been affected in İzmir, which has been intertwined with many civilizations throughout its history. Elbasan pan , which is made in Elbasan, one of the cities of the Albanian Republic, added to the city by the Albanians who settled in İzmir, and which is delicious enough to enter the Ottoman cuisine , is made with meat taken from the back of the lamb. The meat is cooked for a long time in its own juice, then the yogurt sauce is poured on it and this time it is placed in the oven and cooking continues. Izmir Tulum Cheese is sprinkled on it close to its cooking and Izmir style Elbasan pan adds color to our tables.

4 Şevketi Bostan : Another name in the region is bostan grass. It is a wild plant from the daisy family. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. This herb dish, which is consumed quite often and fondly, also has different cooking methods. It is usually cooked with olive oil, accompanied by lamb meat and shallots. It takes its place in restaurant menus as one of the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine .

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