Turkish Cuisine and Top 10 Most Popular Dishes

Turkish Cuisine and Top 10 Most Popular Dishes

Dishes from Turkey – Turkish cuisine one of the most diverse in the world. Turkish cuisine has had a major influence on Middle Eastern cuisine, Balkan cuisine, and even Western European cuisine. Even within Turkish cuisine, there is a huge variety of regional differences, according to which part of the country one is in.

Many regions such as the Mediterranean, the Black Sea area, the Aegean area, and the Anatolian areas have their own rich food culture and history.

As the ” Dishes from Turkey ” team, we would like to share with you just some of the amazing dishes to be found in Turkish kitchens.

dishes from turkey turkish food recipes

One of the best and most important features of Turkish cuisine is that it features a great variety of vegetable dishes. Therefore, there are many options for those who want to eat a vegetable-based, healthy diet. There are many different ways of preparing and cooking the wide variety of vegetables found in Turkish cuisine. Depending on the region and the type of food, the same dish can be made with meat or without, with intense flavors and aromas, or lighter and more subtle, with little more than a high-quality olive oil base.

Turkish cuisine, which is often known for a rich variety of meat dishes, is also one of the origins of the idea of eating meatless and has many unique cooking methods such as doner, kebab, and shish.

Although more known for meat dishes, it is actually difficult to specify the most popular type of meal in Turkish cuisine, because both vegetable dishes and meat dishes are equally important, and popular, and common.

In addition to all of the meat and vegetable dishes, there are a huge variety of desserts, pastries, soups, and salads.

Some of the most widely known Turkish dishes are the following:

Dolma and Sarma:

Dolma is prepared by carving the inside part of various vegetables, filling them with a mixture of rice, plenty of spices, and tomato paste, and cooking them in a pot. Most versions are made of stuffed vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, and especially peppers.
There are, however, versions where minced meat, finely chopped onion, garlic, and parsley can be added to this mixture. There are also meatless versions served cold, in olive oil. There is even a variety where currants lend a sweet flavor and aroma.

Sarma, on the other hand, is a type of variation of dolma but it is wrapped with grape leaves (or other leaves such as black cabbage, cabbage, pumpkin flowers). It can also be prepared with or without meat, salty or sweet.

karniyarik dishes from turkey


Karnıyarık is a very tasty eggplant-based dish made in the oven. It is prepared by splitting the eggplant in the middle and filling it with a mixture of minced meat, tomato paste, and various spices.
Nowadays, it can be prepared as a vegetarian dish with finely chopped vegetables, herbs, and spices instead of minced meat.

doner kebab dishes from turkey


Döner is one of the most popular dishes among Turkish meat dishes that can be found in almost
every country. The meat is cut very thinly, wrapped in leaves like a big roll, then screwed vertically in
a bottle and cooked by turning slowly. In this way, the meat is both juicy and deliciously crisp.

You can find the best and the easiest home-made Döner Recipe on the ” Dishes from Turkey ” website and Turkish Food Recipes YouTube channel;)

kebab dishes from turkey


Kebab is probably the most well-known Turkish contribution to world cuisine. Who has not heard of shish kebabs? Rather than being a single type of food, it’s actually a cooking style, where the food items are stabbed on skewers and cooked directly on the fire without using pans or pots. This preparation lends a unique and delicious taste. Again, depending on the region, it can be made hot and spicy, or mild, with vegetables, or with meat, either minced or whole.

tarhana soup recipe dishes from turkey
Tarhana Soup:
Tarhana soup in Turkey’s one of the most traditional soups in every region served in almost every home. Since it is a type of soup that is often pre-prepared and dried in large quantities, it is often considered a convenience food. Tarhana is made of an abundance of spices, vegetables, grains, and flour, and is usually spicy.

manti recipes dishes from turkey

Mantı (Turkish Dumblings):

Mantı, in spite of its simple ingredients, is a very tasty dish that is surprisingly difficult to master its preparation. Basically, it is cooked by boiling small pieces of minced meat in tiny dough pieces. It is usually served with garlic yogurt and a sauce with tomato paste.

menemen dishes from turkey


Menemen is a very practical and simple-to-cook type of meal and is usually consumed at breakfast. Its main ingredients are tomatoes, peppers, and eggs. It is made by cracking eggs over the cooked peppers and tomatoes, and continuing to cook until a lovely consistency is reached.

pide lahmacun dishes from turkey
Pide and Lahmacun:
Pide (Pita) and Lahmacun are made by covering the thin dough with meat, minced meat, cheese, or potato mixtures and then baking in big ovens. We can say that it is a type of pizza which is cooked in a stone oven with a thinner, crispy dough and healthier ingredients..
musakka dishes from turkey
This dish, which is very similar to “Karnıyarık, and is also made with eggplant and minced meat. The difference is that the eggplants, instead of being halved, are cut into small and thin pieces and fried before baking.
borek dishes from turkey
Börek (Borek):
Borek is a type of traditional pastry made from yufka. It is prepared by filling thin filo pastries with cheese, meat, vegetables or eggs and putting them on top of each other or wrapping them in a roll and baking them in the oven. Although it can be eaten at any to e, it is most often served at breakfast.
For complete recipes of these dishes as well as many more delicious ideas, visit “Dishes from Turkey” and check the recipes section.

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