Turkish Meat Dishes Kulbasti

Turkish Meat Dishes Kulbasti made from lamb and beef is made from certain parts of the meat after a laborious process. Külbastı is one of the popular dishes in Gaziantep and many cities of Turkey. Külbastı is a meat dish prepared with veal or lamb using special methods. As it does not leave its water in the sealed meat, it offers a wonderful taste opportunity in the kulbasti where various kinds of fresh spices are used.

Külbastı is a dish specific to the Gaziantep region in general, but it is made in every region of our country. This dish, which is more common especially in the eastern Anatolia region, is of great importance in terms of gastronomic tourism.

Kebab, which attracts great attention and interest from foreign tourists visiting Gaziantep, is a unique flavor that must be tasted by everyone living in Turkey.

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