Turkish Meatballs Köfte : A Living Legend from Turkey

Turkish Meatballs (Köfte – Kofta) is one of the most famous Turkish dishes in all over the world. You may eat any kind of meatballs in every country but what makes Köfte different than others should be its exotic flavors. Its soft texture and spicy taste are never the same in any countries cuisines.

turkish meatballs

What are the most popular types of Turkish Meatballs (Köfte) in Turkey ?

In Turkey, Köfte (Turkish meatballs) can be served in many different ways. It can be prepared as plain, with the tomato sauce, in the soup,  in the oven with veggies or as a shish kebab…. Each region and each city has its own recipe for meatballs or even more than one.

turkish kofte recipe

It is possible to find at least some kind of meatball dish in almost every restaurant in Turkey. Besides the restaurants, meatballs are also sold as popular street food in the form of a sandwich (Köfte Ekmek) and consumed as a fast, healthy, and delicious fast food meal. Especially in Istanbul, it’s very common to see it just near the Marmara sea cooked in a small barbeque car. They usually serve it with onion and Ayran (Yogurt drink). For many people, this cheap and fast Köfte meal is more delicious than the ones you can it in luxury restaurants;)

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