Gaziantep Cuisine

Turkish Style Liver Stew

Turkishs style liver stew, which is one of the local dishes of Gaziantep, and liver stew, which is highly preferred by housewives, belongs to the Gaziantep region as its origin. Liver stew, which is one of the main dishes of the Gaziantep region, has a consistency that can impress people even with its smell.

Everyone who comes to Gaziantep should taste the liver stew, which draws attention with the rich variety of spices it contains. Liver stew, sauteed with chopped onion on heated olive oil, is among the main dishes that can be eaten after the soup.

While serving the liver stew, boiled potatoes are also included. After sautéing the boiled potatoes, salt, black pepper, or optionally hot pepper can be used for their taste and exquisite appearance. Liver stew, which is prepared with all the necessary ingredients and comes to the table, can be shown among the dishes that can be preferred continuously, leaving extra flavor in people.

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